Want a New RV? Look at a Class C!

Small enough for a weekend getaway, big enough for the epic road trip. Whether you are a first time RVer or a seasoned pro, the Class C motorhome should be a consideration.

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The Convenience of the Class C
It is small enough to take to any park, yet big enough for complete comfort.  There are two hidden reasons why they are great for couples and small families.

  • Extra Storage – That little part that juts out over the cab of the truck is an extra sleeping space, when you need it. When you don’t need the room, it is a great place to store some extras for your trip. Since that area is big enough to sleep in but not big enough to “live” in, storing stuff there does not take up any extra room.
  • Easy Parking – You don’t have to be an expert motorist to park these motorhomes. Even though they are generally around 30 feet long, they are easy to maneuver. Since they don’t use a hitch, there is no weird pivoting and that makes parking a breeze.

Traveling in Your Motorhome
A favorite thing to do for RV enthusiasts is traveling to state and national parks. Unfortunately, not all parks have space for your larger Class A motorhomes and your fifth wheels and the nearby campgrounds fill these full size RV spots fast. This is never a problem with your Class C.

Many times, even places that do not have RV hookups can accommodate a Class C. This is referred to as dry-docking. This is not a problem since all motorhomes have reserve tanks for water. If the park allows, you can run a generator to keep the electricity going as well. (If you get solar panels, then you don’t have to worry about generator rules either.)

The Class C is an extremely versatile rig, as you’ve read. Can anyone add to the benefits of owning a Class C?


100 Years of New RVs and Counting!

This year the RV turns 100…and there’s no doubt that it will continue for 100 more!

In 1910, there was no TV, no air conditioning and no phone, but there were RVs. Through war and peace, booms and busts, fuel lines, fads and the cyber revolution, the RV lifestyle has endured and is still going strong, even in today’s challenging economic times.

Here’s a great little article!

How long have you been RVing?


Learning the Height of Your New RV in 12 Sec.

Before you attempt to navigate your rig under an over hang, know the height of your RV first.

This is 12 seconds that I’m sure the driver wishes he spent learning the height of his trailer instead of guessing what it was.

Just so you know, both the driver and his young passenger escaped unharmed, but talk about a close call. I guess he’ll be needing a new RV


RV Cooking: Grilled Salmon and the Olympic Nat'l Park

So by now, it’s no secret that most of you know that ole’ Jim loves to eat almost as much as I love RVing..and if this is news to you, “Ole’ Jim LOVES to eat!”

So, in keeping with my past food posts I’m bringing you another one from RVcookingshow

Bon Appetite:

I’ve cooked it myself…it was delicious, a great meal indeed.


New RV: Should you Rent Storage or Buy it?


There are many different reasons for an RV owner to consider investing in a storage unit for their RV. Safety and security being the main ones, of course. When you leave your RV exposed to the elements for long periods of time it might begin to rust, as well as having potentially significant deterioration of both the exterior and interior of the RV.

Why else should you look at storage for your new RV? Well, where else are you going to keep it? Parking your RV in a yard or on private property can take up a large part of valuable real estate. Besides, people might get tired of what they consider an eyesore in their neighborhood. Not to mention it gets in the way of Billy practicing his jump shot. Regardless of why a person needs to invest in an RV storage unit, it’s usually a wise step to make.
Once a person has decided to invest in an RV storage unit they usually have to decide how to pay for their storage facility. Most cities and towns have storage facilities specializing in vehicle storage and perfect for RV storage. These businesses usually lease storage facilities on a yearly or monthly basis depending upon the needs and budget of the renter.
Over time, RV storage can become extremely expensive as those monthly fees or yearly charges start to add up. Storage for an RV is usually even more expensive than traditional self-storage because the size of the unit directly affects the price. Even though the fees might initially seem affordable having to pay a monthly fee to hold storage space when you take your RV out on a trip in addition to what you are already paying for storage can be quite costly.
Along with the price associated with monthly RV storage rental there is also the inconvenience.
Many RV storage facilities restrict hours for access in order to keep the vehicles safe.  For individuals and families that want to have more control over their RV purchasing a storage unit might be a better option.
Buying an RV storage unit usually means permanently purchasing a place in an indoor or outdoor RV storage facility. These buildings or areas are reserved entirely for the use of RV owners and are designed for the ultimate convenience of the RV owner. In some cases RV storage units can even be mobile making it possible to move your RV from location to location. The different types of RV storage facilities available to a person depend on their area and it is often best to consult other RV owners or even your local yellow pages for locations.
With the convenience and accessibility of RV storage units in mind many people wonder why all RV owners are not taking advantage of the option to purchase their RV storage units. Price is usually the number one reason that many people do not consider purchasing permanent RV storage. This is because it can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to purchase a good RV storage unit in a safe location. Not everyone can afford to spend this much money up front for storage but if you can manage the money it is worth it.
The initial investment needed to buy RV storage is usually recouped in immediate peace of mind and convenience. Owning an RV storage area also gives individuals and families the option of going to their RV whenever they want. This can be extremely useful before and after trips or when it is time to get the RV ready for the winter or summer.
Even though owning RV storage can be convenient, individuals that are on a tight budget and who are not planning to own their RV for more than a year or two might be better off with RV storage rentals. Paying month to month can be the best option and more affordable when the price is shared among family members. In the end deciding whether or not you purchase or rent your RV storage is a decision that you must make according to your own personal needs and what will be more affordable for you and your family.


Buying a New RV? Size matters.

Every now and again, everyone wants to make a quick getaway to escape his or her frantic, fast-paced life. When you need that quick escape, a small travel trailer or pop-up can bring your dream to fruition. They are a practical answer to life’s bumpy road.

Size Does Matter

When it comes to quick trips and fast getaways, size does matter. While the big RVs are comfortable, stylish and offer more living space, they take a bit more work to get out on the road. On the other hand, a small travel trailer can easily be hooked up to your every-day car and driven off in a flash.

Since they are small, you won’t have to worry about finding a campsite with spots for full size RVs. This means you can pack up and go whenever you want.

Budget Friendly

Oftentimes, the reason people don’t go on a vacation or even a long weekend is financial.  After all, even long weekends require driving expenses, hotel costs, and eating out. A couple can easily spend upwards of $400 in a weekend trying to spend a few nights away from home.

However, when you take your trailer, you can save a big chunk of that money. Instead of spending $80 a night on hotels, you can spend $25 for a campsite.

Additionally, you don’t have to spend all that money on eating out. Whatever you would normally eat, you can take with you and eat in the trailer. With a stove and grill, you don’t have to spend any extra on food.

Easy to Store

Small trailers, like the pop-up, are easy to store as well. In many cases, you can store them right in your own driveway when not in use. In fact, that is what most people do with their small trailers. They leave it in the driveway, always ready for the next trip. There is no need to pay storage fees and no need to go pick it up.

After a long day at work, you can come home, throw stuff in the pop-up, and take off without a second thought. After your weekend trip, you bring it home, park it in the driveway, and clean it up when you are ready.


To Buy a New Rv or a Used RV? That is the question.

There are RVers out there that have to have to have the latest model as soon as it rolls of the assembly line. However, there are those who believe a road worthy used RV is the way to go. I guess I’ll just cover the things to consider if you’re on the fence between new and used.

Here’s a good video with reasons to consider both.


Looking for a New RV? Check out this Concept!

There’s no doubt that RVing will evolve: newer amenities at campgrounds, more RV friendly destinations and better technological advancement.

What about the design? Do you think that advancements in aerodynamics and style will also change? There’s no doubt about it.

I found this just cruising around the net, as usual, looking for good things to share and topics to write about for my readers when I ran across this REALLY INTERESTING RV design. Instead of telling you about it, here’s the article in its entireity.


What do you guys think?


New RV? Here’s a Fun Way to get around the Campsites

We’ve all been there before. The giant RV Park with twisty forest roads to explore. It’s hard to take in all of the local sites on foot, and if you are in a motorhome, then unhooking and driving around just isn’t an option. Instead of your traditional tow vehicle what about getting one of these?


Gas scooters come in many sizes and flavors. There is a perfect street legal scooter for everyone. From 50cc gas scooters that cost around $800 to 650cc Suzuki that cost over $7000 the choices are plentiful.

The first step to buying the perfect gas scooter is to call the local DMV, sheriff or police station. Most US States do not require a

special driver license to ride street legal scooters under 50cc. Some States allow people to ride up to 149cc with a car driver’s license. Most States do not allow gas scooters under 125cc on highways and expressways.

The budget should also be decided early on. How much will be spent on the perfect scooter under $1000; between $1000 and $2000; or over $2000?

How big of an engine does the perfect scooter have? Is it a 50cc, 125 to 150cc, 200 to 300cc or a big fat 650cc scooter?

There are 2 main choices when choosing the perfect gas scooter, to buy from a local dealer or order a scooter online. People with means and needing full service should opt to buy from a local scooter dealer People with limited budget and / or mechanically inclined people may consider buying their scooter online.

Street legal gas scooters are fun to ride, economical, easy to maintain and fuel-efficient. Some scooters get over 100 MPG. They are the perfect choice for whoever wants to save time, money and frustration.

A scooter is easy to tow, easy to ride, gets great gas mileage, low-priced and could make your sightseeing easier and more enjoyable.



Who tows a scooter behind their rig? How do you like it?


What’s the Best RV You’ve Ever Seen?

I’m going with this one!

But, in all seriousness Tell me what your favorite rig is! I doubt though that it can compare with the Eagle 5…unless of course it can “Jam” radar. Watch the movie, you’ll understand.