Extreme RV Carved from a Single Tree!

Loving RVing as much as I do, I’m continually surprised by the ingenuity, imagination and drive people have to create some truly exotic RVs. In fact, after seeing this video clip, I’m going to start looking for more amazing RVs like this one.

This is just proof that people will go to extreme lengths to experience the RV lifestyle…In this case, hollowing out a Redwood and converting it to the coolest RV you’ve ever seen.

Now if you are a little more conventional, I suggest you check these guys out.


Tell me you DON’T want this as your New RV

This is a pretty amazing rig.Just try to tell me you aren’t impressed with it. If you love Rving as much as I do, this new rv will really “float your boat”.

Pun intended.

Now isn’t that something!?!? Maybe someday this will be the norm. Would an RV of this type interest any of you?


Taking your New RV on the Pony Express Trail

One of the many great things about RVing is the ease of which you can visit areas of our nation that have great historical significance, like Boston, the mighty Mississippi, even the Pony Express trail-1,800 miles of communication in 10 days! I found a really great article at Rand McNally that gives really great historical info and links to follow. I posted the article originally written by Anne Stein below in its entirety:

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the revolutionary but short-lived Pony Express, the 1,800-mile mail delivery system that ran from St. Joseph, Missouri to Old Sacramento, California – a route now dotted with original and replica structures as well as museums documenting the historic trail.

Hundreds of men and horses traversed the route, which included some 150 stations every 10-15 miles where riders would switch to a fresh horse. The journey took about 10 days and was key to linking the eastern U.S. to the west. The Pony Express ran only 18 months, from April 1860 to October 1861, when a telegraph system took its place.

The National Park Service has established the Pony Express National Historic Trail, which includes both original and replica buildings. Stretching through eight states, these include the following official historic trail stops:

Major Trail Museums are located at:

Driving directions for the Pony Express National Historic Trail are available through the National Park Service. Longer segments that are accessible via 4×4 vehicles and horses include:

  • Oregon Trail Road: Mills, WY to WYO-220 just north of Independence Rock, 41.5 miles
  • South Pass Segment: Independence Rock to Parting of the Ways, 125 miles
  • Parting of the Ways: end of the South Pass segment
  • Fort Bridger to Muddy Creek: approximately 14 miles
  • BLM Backcountry Byway from Fairfield, UT to Ibapah, UT: 133 miles

For more information on the Pony Express National Historic Trail, go to:
National Park Service
324 S. State St., Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
To request a Trail map and brochure: (801) 741-1012 ext. 119 or contact the Interpretation Office, (801) 741-1012 ext. 116

I found this article really interesting and I hope you did too, now all you have to do is get out there and GoRVing!


Quick Tips for Traveling with Your Pets in Your New Rv

If there’s one thing I have a soft spot for, besides RVing of course, it’s our four-legged companions. I have two Border Collies (yes, on purpose) who love, love, LOVE to go on road trips. They’re relatively young and are still experiencing new and exciting things on the road. For example, Whiskey Steve just got over his bizarre fear of water (he’s part Golden too) and is now the first guy in the lake. Casey, on the other hand is a worker. She probably has the strongest herding instincts of any Border Collie I’ve met. (this is my favorite thing about her personality).

I’m getting sidetracked. This isn’t a post about my dogs really as much as it is about yours (and cats). We love our animals. We take them everywhere. We feed them from the table, even though we know we shouldn’t. We shower them with attention and they return the favor. For most of us, they aren’t just companions…they are family.

Here’s just a quick little video with a couple of really good tips to protect both your furry friends and that New RV.

Share your traveling pet stories her, I’d love to read them!


The best new RV cooking tip…EVER!

This is just a short :90 sec video that I know you’ll find as useful as I do. I love to cook…and I REALLY love to cook in my RV. Take a look, I’ll bet you never thought of this. I never did.

Was this tip useful? If you are interested in everything “RV” check these guys out. Some of the best in the business.