RVers Keep Your Pets Safe this New Years Eve!

The countdown to New Year’s Eve is on!  This has got to be one of our top holiday’s to celebrate. There are so many options on where to head in your RV to watch the ball drop. But one thing that is very important, and sometimes we overlook, is the comfort of your pets. With all of the excitement it can be easy to forget that your pet may not like celebrating as much as you do. Especially if there are fireworks where you’re going to be. You wouldn’t want to spend the first day of the new year looking for your lost pet so here are some simple ways to keep your pet safe while you have some fun.

1. Make sure to secure any anxious pets and that they have a safe place to go if they get too stressed such as the bathroom.

2. If your pet is more of an outside type, you may want to bring them in for the night especially if there will be fireworks. Even though your pet may be use to loud noises, fireworks are a whole different animal :). And if you do plan on seeing some fireworks, don’t take your pet with you. Keep them inside where they will feel safe.

4. Double check to make sure your pet has on all ID tags and that microchip information is up to date, just in case.
5. If you pet already has anxiety to loud noises and bright lights you may want to consult with your vet to see if light sedatives are an option.

So back to the celebrations….where you headed in your RV to ring in the new year?


Nichols…A Car Carrying Motorhome…Really!

Instead of towing a vehicle behind you, what if your motorhome had a storage space for your car?  When you’re ready to go can just  put in the ‘garage!’   This car carrying motorhome debuted in Germany a few years ago and it’s so strangely awesome! But the price tag of over a $1 million is just a bit much in my opinion.

German RV manufactuer Volkner Mobile has developed a solution to this problem that’s currently being shown off at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. The motorcoach on display features a mobile garage situated between the front and rear axles that can stow lower cars like the BMW Z4, MINI Cooper convertible and Mercedes-Benz SLK. The system introduces your vacation cruiser laterally into the RV’s belly on a slideout platform and can accomodate vehicles up to five meters in length. No more hauling Saturns or renting Mustang convertibles when you get there. [Source: AutoBlog]

What do you think about this RV that can carry a car?  I wonder what the gas mileage is like!


Part-Time Jobs for RVers

Are you a full-time RVer looking for some part time work?  There are some jobs that allow those of you who are “full-timers” the ability to have enough time to get out and explore this vast country in your RV.  And, if you feel like you may need a bit of additional income, surprisingly enough, there are several job opportunities for people who always have a different zip code as their temporary address.  How can one find consistent work if they are not in the same city throughout the year?  With the addition of wireless internet to most RV parks the options are virtually unlimited.

Virtually is the key word here (and obviously a cheesy attempt at a play on words!)  With an internet connection and phone service, all kinds of “virtual” jobs are available without the need for a physical office.  These virtual jobs include virtual assistant, virtual classroom instructor, virtual sales account executive, virtual receptionist, and virtual data entry personnel.  You also might be surprised at the income levels for many of these positions.

If you are not technology savvy and the internet is not your thing, you might be interested in “work camping” or running a campground.  This is usually seasonal work but provides a bit of income.  The duties for this position range from campsite maintenance to being an activity director at a RV park.  There are also often part time positions near RV parks at places like golf courses if this is more your style.

The Golden Years can remain golden with an extra bit of income, so don’t let your wallet slow you down from pursuing your dream of being a full time RVer.  You can RV full time and still earn an income in many situations!


Check Out These Flash Sale Sites for a Great Deal!

I love finding a great deal. And you can find outrageously great deals on flash sales sites. These websites feature from one to several products a day for a very limited time, usually just a day or until supplies run out. These sites can feature just about anything from great hiking gear and camping gear to vacuums  and sunglasses.  And the thrill of getting the deal before it’s sold out is just as exciting as not paying full price!


this site sells everything under the sun. And I love when there’s a Woot Off day where they’ll sell a product and once it’s sold out then add a new one. It goes on for at least 24 hours and is crazy fun.


get great deals on killer outdoor gear and clothing at this site.


this site is great for outdoor gear. From clothing to accessories, ski and snowboard and snowshoe gear, hiking and camping.


if you’re into hunting this is the site for you! From knives and bino’s to boots and camo gear you’ll want to pull the trigger fast to get awesome deals.

I’m all about finding great deals so if you know of any great sites like the ones mentioned above I’d love to hear!  You can find so many great things for your RV or travel traveler and your outdoor lifestyle at such a great price.


RVs, Travel Trailers and Fifth-Wheels Aren’t Just for Camping!

RVs, motor homes, fifth-wheels and travel trailers…they aren’t just for camping!  They are all very versatile in that they really complement sports and hobbies. From tailgating, bike touring, geo-caching, bird watching and winter get-a-ways, these home away from homes can be used in just about any outing.

Tailgating is all time favorite past time to do with old friends. Whether it be a football game, college or pro, NASCAR….or any sport for that matter a RV is the perfect part host!  And if your has a RV with an outdoor kitchen, even better!  But no matter what, RV, motor home, fifth-wheel or travel trailer it will make for a great pre-event kickoff!  And it’s so convenient.

Next time you go out RVing you should take along the bikes. It’s a great way to get exercise and to see the area in a more up close and personal way. You can mount bicycles to the nose or tail of any RV for easy access.

Geocaching can takes you search upon search upon search so it’s great that a RV, etc., can keep you on your treasure hunt for longer. If you’re not too familiar with geocaching, check out my blog about it by clicking here.

Cold weather certainly does not mean the end of RVing fun. From snowmobiling and skiing to just escaping cabin fever, RVers are still able to enjoy their favorite winter activities and still have plenty of storage for all of the winter sport equipment.  A “toy hauler”  allow storage for your snowmobile, sled or skis. And after a nice day on the slopes you can get back into your RV and enjoy a nice hot cup of coco.


Heated Car Seat Cover for Pets!

I don’t know about you, but my pets go everywhere with me!  Since I’m on this winter RVing kick, I can’t leave our four-legged friends out in the cold.  You can get your pets a heated car seat cover! This is great if your pet is on the older side and gets stiff joints and of course it’s great on a chilly day!

The cover comes with a 12V adapter that can be plugged into most vehicle power outlets and automatically heats to a max temperature of 102 degrees, then shuts off and cools down to 80 degrees before the heat kicks in again. It has an easy-fit design with attachment straps at each end and seat belt slots for use with a car harness. Includes a six-foot power cord. Cover measures 55″L x 42″W and made with 100% Polyester.  You can get one at Pet Auto Safety.


Hey NY, What Do You Think About an All-Electric Motorhome?

Going green and electric isn’t just for the automotive industry. In fact, the first all-electric motorhome debuted recently at a Louisville RV show. The only downside to this new and green trend is where would you charge up? That being said, campsites will need to catch up and install charging stations.

The all electric motorhome was introduced at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, as an example of what the RV industry is capable of producing. However, as Brad Williams, president and CEO of MVP RV, stated in an interview with the Press-Enterprise, the invention comes first, then the infrastructure, citing examples of cars invented before highways and the telephone before phone lines. Already at work on the second all-electric RV, Williams said it will likely have an even better range. What is exciting about the electric motorhome is that it proves the technology is there and it works.

Improvements will come as time and technology marches forward. Currently, it takes 24 hours for the electric RV to charge on a 220-volt plug in, though it could be charged in 20 minutes with the right equipment. The motorhome is named “Winston” after Winston Chung, MVP RV’s Chinese investor and business partner, who developed the unique lithium ion battery used for the RV.

However, as great as this new technology is, there are no plans to mass market the electric RV just yet.  But as fast as technology can advance we’re hopefully to see an all-electric motorhome on the market soon. And with that being said, we are hopeful that the campgrounds will follow suite and not lag behind too much on the upgrades they will need to make to be able to host an all-electric motorhome.  What are you thoughts on an all-electric motorhome?


Winter RV Camping: A Few Basics

So you’re not a Snowbird. In fact, you head the opposite direction of the Snowbirds and directly into cold weather. There are many crucial basics you need to know before RVing in the winter as it can be very hazardous, so I will just touch base on a few basics:

1. If you’ll be parked for several months in sub-zero temperatures it is advisable to put wide planks beneath your tires and jacks to prevent your rig from sinking as the ground thaws.

2. In sub-zero climates, or even consistently below-freezing temperatures, it will be absolutely essential that you put skirting around the bottom of your trailer. If you don’t, you will have to probably tow your RV to Mexico and wait a week or two for those frozen blocks –  that used to your holding tanks – to thaw. If your tank is relatively full, there is an excellent chance that a hard freeze will rupture it.

3. There are several possible ways to insulate the bottom of your trailer. First, you could construct a frame and attach insulation to the inside and outside of the frame. At a minimum, you could use 2 X 2 lumber and staple or screw on the best insulation you can get locally. Try to get the insulation slightly below ground level to prevent drafts. Seal all possible openings to prevent cold air seepage. You could also attach snaps to the bottom of your trailer and make a snap-on curtain from a heavy-duty waterproof material. Buy enough loose fiberglass batting to fill the cavity beneath your trailer. Leave an empty spot beneath your holding tanks and put a heat lamp or high-wattage bulb to generate heat.  I wouldn’t advise putting an electric heater there because of the risk of fire and the fact that it will burn too much electricity.

4. Remove all interior fixtures and stuff with insulation where it is missing. If temperatures are going to be well below zero, you will want to either cut and install foam insulation board over windows, vents and doors, or make some type of insulated blanket and attach over them. Tape up seams along windows and vents. You may want to leave one vent or window available to open for venting.

5. You are going to have to deal with condensation. In freezing weather, you can find a sheet of ice on your walls and ceiling. Since this is probably not a good thing, you may think about getting a dehumidifier to ease the problem.

6. Go to your local discount or hardware store and buy electrical heat tape designed to be wrapper around water hoses. This will help keep your water hose from freezing. Be certain that your inlet to the trailer and also the outside water faucet are wrapped with the heating tape. If you leave the heating tape thermostat hanging outside and don’t wrap it, you will get a continuous source of heat to help prevent freezing. Add a couple of layers of insulation over the heating tape and then wrap with a plastic sheeting to waterproof. Finally, secure all of this with overlapping wraps of tape.

7. Interior plumbing should be wrapped with insulation. Sometimes access to the pipes is impossible. In that case, where possible, place 40 watt bulbs along interior compartments by your plumbing. Put a couple of bulbs in the compartment with your dump valves. If you are using your freshwater holding tank instead of city water, make sure you put a bulb in the cabinet with your water pump. Otherwise, winterize your freshwater tank with the proper antifreeze an be certain that the solution is also in your water pump before turning it off.

8. Keep your gray and black-water valves closed until you are ready to dump. Gray water constantly allowed to drain will eventually form an ice dam in your sewer hose. As an alternative, you could also try insulating and wrap heat tape around your sewer hose if you want to leave the gray-water valve open. In any case, be absolutely certain that your sewer hose is at a steep angle where liquids drain rapidly and are not allowed to stand.

9. Keep a couple of extra gallons of freshwater in containers in case all else fails and your waterlines freeze. Plan on enjoying inventing new ways to thaw your water pipes.

10. If you plan on using a catalytic heater it is mandatory that you provide a source of ventilation. And you should also get a carbon monoxide alarms as well.  [Source: Happy Vagabonds]

If you’re headed out in to the winter wonderland we’d love to hear where you and your RV are going. Leave us a comment and tell us where!


Trailer Life iPhone App

The apps just keep on coming! And we couldn’t be more happier since they are so helpful and entertaining. We love everything and anything that can help increase our RV or travel trailer enjoyment or, on the other hand, make it easier!

First print, then digital, and now an app … Trailer Life magazine and its parent company, Affinity Group Inc., are giving readers yet another means of having the latest issue on hand with its very own app for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Now you can view your favorite issues of Trailer Life magazine from wherever you may be — and purchasing the app automatically includes the latest issue for free. This app is loaded with content. You can search for articles about the RV lifestyle, reviews of the latest RVs and tow vehicles and the best RV travel destinations, and scroll or tap your way between the latest industry news. You can also pick the font size and color you wish to enhance your reading experience. Wherever your travels take you, Trailer Life will be there. So go ahead … follow the road to adventure!

To download the Trailer Life App, go to the iTunes App Store.

Cost: $1.99
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. [Source: Trailer Life]

Have you  found any helpful RVing or Travel Trailering apps?


Watch Your Picnic Baskets…Yogi Bear is Back!

Yogi Bear the movie is set to open in theaters across the country on December 17th!  The new Warner Bros. movie features the voices of Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake.  This movie looks great and we’re hoping that it will inspire parents to take their kids RVing and camping more often this upcoming summer. Check out the trailer:

“The upcoming ‘Yogi Bear’ movie gives us an unprecedented opportunity to introduce Jellystone Parks to children and families across the country who have never visited one of our parks before,” said Michele Wisher, director of marketing of Milford, Ohio-based Leisure Systems Inc. (LSI), which franchises 75 Jellystone Park campgrounds across the country through a license agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

While most Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks will be closed for the winter when the movie debuts, Wisher said the upcoming promotional activities will help “plant a seed” in the minds of families looking for fun places to camp next spring and summer, while providing an immediate boost to Jellystone Park campgrounds in southern locations that remain open throughout the winter months. [Source: RV Business]

There are five Jellystone Park’s located in New York:

Mexico – Eastern Lake Ontario
Gardiner – Hudson Valley Region
Woodridge – Ellenville – Catskill Mountains
North Java – Buffalo – Rochester
Lake George – Adirondack Mts. – North Hudson

Let us know what you think of the movie!  We just can’t wait to see it!