Our All-time Favorite RVing Dessert Recipes

A meal is not a meal unless it is accompanied by dessert.  Or at least that’s our thinking anyway! But really, who doesn’t want dessert after dinner, or even lunch?  If can’t tell, we just love us some good dessert!  So below are our top five most favorite desserts to make and most definitely eat when we’re on the road RVing. And they are in no particular order because we just can’t have one favorite….here goes:

1. Buckeye Bars, or for those who don’t want any association with Buckeye’s…Gold Bars

The reason I love these so much is that because they’re great anytime, especially for a little pick-me-up snack.  Who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate?

Buckeye Bar Recipe

2. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe had me at chocolate.  I mean with with use of the word chocolate twice in one recipe it’s gotta be good, right?  You bet it is!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

3.  Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Before you get hung up on the word mayonnaise, you just need to make the cake if you haven’t tried it before. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s super rich and moist. And just for fun, maybe don’t tell the people what you made it with until after they’ve devoured it.

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe

4. Carrot Cake

Yum, carrot cake. The frosting is my favorite part. Without it, I don’t think carrot cake would stand a chance, do you?

Carrot Cake recipe

5. Key Lime Tart

This tarty but sweet dessert is amazing. You and your guests will be puckering your lips for more.

Key Lime Tart recipe

Those are our top five desserts while we’re out and about in our RV. All of these recipes are fairly easy and use almost all of the ingredients you already have. There may be a few odd ingredients here and there,k but trust me, they are worth it.

What are your favorite desserts while you’re out RVing?


Free Up RV Space by Losing Those Books…It’s Time to Get an E-Reader!

If you’re an avid book reader like me, you most likely have a pile or piles of books stacked up here and there…basically everywhere. I’ve organized my books plenty of times and try to get rid of a few here and there, but honestly I love just having my books! Hopefully I’m not the only one out there like this!

But I’ve recently come to the realization that I don’t need all of these books. They are only taking up valuable space in my RV and they need to go. So at our next stop I will be hopefully selling these books to a book store or donating them.

So what am I going to do now you ask? I’m going digital and am getting an e-reader. The question is, which e-reader to get!  I’m doing my research and have narrowed it down to iPad, Nook or a Kindle.  If you have one or the other I’d love to hear feedback. The main thing for me is that it must be a great e-reader, the rest of the features will just be a bonus!  Or is there another e-reader I should consider?

If you’re in the same boat as me and are getting rid of you books to make more space in the RV or travel trailer, here are the things I’m considering about each e-reader:

1. The Cost

2. The View

3. Screen Preferences

4. Do I need more than Wi-Fi

5. Do I want to be able to read my books on my laptop

6. EPUB capability

7. Who had the best e-book selection

8. Do I want more than just reading

I have to admit that I’m a little attached to my books and will miss them. But I know that space is very limited in the RV and if you’re a full-timer, you need to keep the things you really need.  And those books can start to add on some RV weight too!  I guess this is a great way to start my spring cleaning. What are some ways you’ve found to make space in your RV?  And most importantly, what e-Reader do you recommend and why?


New York’s Top 3 Cities with Pet Friendly RV Parks

Have you ever pulled into a RV park only to be asked to leave just because you have a pet?  It’s so frustrating! We found this great website that lists cities all over the U.S. that offer pet-friendly facilities called DogFriendly.com. Below you’ll find our top three NY cities that offer the most pet-friendly RV and camping parks.

1. Adirondacks – the Adirondacks is most definitely a place you must visit when you’re in Northern New York. And even if you’re in NYC, the Adirondacks are a must visit. There are 8 Adirondack regions so you know that there will be plenty to do. From fishing, hiking, camping on the coast to birdwatching, snowmobiling, paddling, biking and so much more. The Adirondacks have something for everyone from the rustic living to fine culinary dining. Here is a great website for information on the Adirondacks: VisitAdirondacks.com.  Below are some great pet-friendly RV and campgrounds to check out too:

Alpine Lake RV Resort -78 Heath Road  Corinth
Schroon River Resort -969 E Schroon River Road  Diamond Point
KOA Herkimer -800 Mohawk Street  Herkimer
Lake George RV Park -74 State H 149  Lake George
KOA Lake George/Saratoga -564 Lake Avenue  Lake Luzerne
Plattsburgh RV Park -7182 H 9N  Plattsburgh
Saranac Lake Islands -58 Bayside Drive  Saranac Lake
Glen Hudson Campsite -564 River Road  Thurman
Daggett Lake Campsites & Cabins -660 Glen Athol Rd  Warrensburg
Schroon River Campsites -74 State H 149  Warrensburg
KOA Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain -77 Foxfarm Road  Wilmington

2. Catskills – the Catskills offer four breathtaking regions to go explore, Delaware, Greene, Sullivan and Ulster.  And with things to do all year round you will have pleanty to do no matter what time of year you visit. For great information check out this website: VisitTheCatskills.com.  Below is a list of pet friendly RV parks and campgrounds for the Catskills area.

Catskill State Park -On Highways 28, 23 and 23A  Catskill Area
Nickerson Park Campground -378 Stryker Road  Gilboa
Skyway Camping Resort -99 Mountain Dale Road  Greenfield Park
Catskill Forest Preserve/North South Lake -County H 18  Haines Falls
Kenneth L. Wilson Park and Campground -859 Wittenberg Road  Mount Tremper
Whip-O-Will Family Campsite -3831 County Road 31  Purling
Swan Lake Camplands -106 Fulton Road  Swan Lake
Jellystone Park at Birchwood Acres -85 Martinfeld Road, Box 482  Woodridge

3. Finger Lakes, NY – Check out VisitFingerLakes for lots more information on this great place to visit. The Finger Lakes has great offering of culinary options and lots of great winery’s to visit to great hikes and skiing. The Finger Lakes region also has lots to offer all year around.

Hickory Hill Farm Camping Resort -7531 H 13/Mitchellsville Road  Bath
Letchworth State Park -1 Letchworth State Park  Castile
Spruce Row Campground and RV Resort -2271 Kraft Road  Ithaca
Cayuga Lake State Park -2678 Lower Lake Road  Seneca Falls
Taughannock Falls State Park -2221 Taughannock Park Road  Trumansburg
KOA Watkins Glen/Corning -1710 H 414  Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen State Park -South end of Seneca Lake  Watkins Glen

So those are our top three places to visit in New York that also offer that most options for pet friendly places. For more information on pet friendly RV Parks and Campgrounds check out, DogFriendly.com.  And if you have a great place to add to this list we’d love to hear from you.

Spring is around the corner and that means time to get planning those summer RV trips! And if you’re RV needs a spring time tune up, check out the folks at Jims RV located in Nichols, NY. They pretty much know just about everything about RVs.  And don’t forget to tell us how your trip went to any of the above mentioned places. We’d love to hear from you!


Tips for Replacing Your RVs Ventilation Vents

RV vents may not be at the top of your priority list if it needs some fixing or replacing, but it should be. Good ventilation is very important to a healthy RV lifestyle.

Here’s a video I found that is very helpful in providing information of the importance of proper ventilation and how to replace the ventilation system is necessary.    It shows installing the new vent from the outside in, including drilling new holes and hooking up the electrical.

As you can see from the video, it’s very important to work with a clean surface when you place in the new vent so that the caulking sticks. And even more importantly is the safety of  correctly matching up the electrical wires. When in doubt, you should check to make sure the polarity is correct with a volt meter. You don’t want to shock yourself now do you?!

You should check all of the ventilation vents on your RV at least twice a year to make sure that they are in proper working condition and most definitely fix those that are not.

Should you have any questions, would like some advice or need a professional to help install the vents for you, look no further than Jim’s RV. We’d be glad to help you out!


Hey Nichols, Check Out Leisure Livin’ Camping and Resort!

Sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to have a fun camping and RVing weekend, just check out your local campgrounds. And that’s exactly what we did. We found Leisure Livin’ Camping and Resort located at 1663 E River Rd in Nichols 1663 E River Rd Nichols, New York 13812.  What we love about this park is that there is so much to do around it!

If you’re a golfer then you’ll want to check out Tioga Country Club.  This 18-hole, par 71 gem features some of the best views of the Susquehanna River Valley and will test nearly all of the clubs in your bag, so bring your A-game!  And best of all, it’s just right next door to the campground!  There is also mini golf located at Sayre Reservoir or Lowlands Chip-N-Putt.  And if golf isn’t your thing, then throw a few strikes at Valley Bowling Center, Owego Bowl or Blacks Lake.

No matter what time of year you visit, Leisure Livin’ Camping and Resort has tons of activities to do. Depending on the season, some activities include, but are not limited to, whitewater paddling, swimming, playing golf, fishing, hiking, and of course bowling.

Here’s a little bit about the weather year round in Nichols:

The annual rain here at Leisure Livin’ Camping and Resort is about average; during the month of June you get the most rain around here, and the driest month of the  year is January. The warmest time of the year at Leisure Livin’ Camping and Resort arrives with high temperatures in the 80’s; the nighttime is slightly colder of course, typically in the 50’s. Daytime highs during the winter are in the 30’s while Leisure Livin’ Camping and Resort overnight low temperatures all through the winter are in the 0’s.  [Hike Central]

If you’re able to make it to this campground let us know what you think!! And if you’re needing a new or used RV, fifth-wheel, travel trailer or pop-up to go camping in, then check out our friends at Jim’s RV. They’re the best!


RVing and ATV Riding Fun This Weekend!

This weekend, when you’re out on your RVing adventure, bring along or rent some ATVs!  This is such a fun activity for family and a great way to explore the area you’re camping at. As with anything, when you’re out there having fun, make sure to keep it safe. Here are some few safety tips to take along on your RVing, four-wheeling adventure:

  • Parts of the country still have snow. If that’s the case then snow chains might be required. These help keep the grip and traction.
  • Don’t travel alone! Travel with other off-roaders and keep survival/safety kit in vehicle at all times.
  • Enjoy the scenery…ie, take your time and go slow especially if you’re a beginner.  There are time where you must accelerate so as not to get stuck like in soft sand, but quite often, going slow allows you to pick and choose your route carefully.  Also, if you hit a large rock or other obstacle, it has a lower chance of damaging your vehicle if going slowly.
  • If you’re unsure of the path ahead of you get off the four-wheeler and walk it. This will help determine if the road is safe to continue on or if it’s too dangerous and you need to see an alternate route.
  • Take on hills straight. Don’t take them diagonally which can increase chance of sliding or rollover
  • If you get into a bind backing down a hill, ask your buddies for help. Don’t try and turn around on a narrow trail as it can lead to rollovers
  • Here’s a short video on how to ride downhill:

Safety is priority when you’re out riding your ATV. Make sure you always wear a helmet and protective gear. If you’re renting an ATV, this is mandatory. Also, keep on ATV approved roads and trails and always ride with your lights on.  Have fun tearin’ it up out there!  And check out Jim’s RV for some really cool toy haulers too!


The Case of our Crazy RV GPS!

A GPS can’t ever be wrong, can it?  Well, in fact, it can be dead wrong. I mean who would have thought that this high tech equipment that gets its information from a satellite could ever be wrong.  Well according to research, a lot of roads come up on the GPS that should never be there in the first place. And that’s exactly what happened to us when we took a short family road trip! We were lead on to a road that wasn’t passable. Needless to say we turned around. However, many people ignore the gut instinct to turn around and keep going just because their GPS says that thats the way to go.

There have been many attempts by park officials to get roads that have been closed or are deemed no longer passable removed from the databases of GPS units, but the progress has been slow. TomTom has been one of the few companies that has shown efforts in updating the maps.  Most GPS until still have these dangerous roads in their systems.

If you ever feel like your GPS is leading you in the wrong direction, turn around! For some reason we talk ourselves out of this simple, yet possibly life saving action.  Pay attention to where the GPS is leading you and if it looks a bit odd, stop and look at a map or try to get an official confirmation that the route is safe.

The GPS is a great friend when you’re traveling, but just trust your gut instinct if you think it’s telling you incorrect directions and consult a good old fashioned map or atlas.  Has the GPS in your RV ever lead you astray?  What did you do; continue following its directions or turn around?


Driving an RV for the First Time? Read These Helpful Tips!

For most, owning a RV is a big dream come true. And with owning a RV, one must learn to drive this huge house on wheels! The word intimidating may not even come close to relating uncomfortable some may feel at the wheel of their RV….at first! But with time, practice and these helpful hints, you’ll be driving your RV like it is the easiest thing to ever do!

First, we need to address driver comfort.  So go ahead and just sit in the drivers seat and adjust everything to your liking. The seat most likely has a minimum of 4 ways to adjust, so get it just right. You need to be able to reach the pedals comfortably as well as be able to reach all of the controls too. Long distance driving can take a small toll on the body so make sure you’re dialed in!

Next, mirrors and camera’s (if applicable) need to be adjusted. Your rear-view mirror isn’t as important as it was in your vehicle, however your side mirrors are extremely important!  And if your RV came with a backup camera or you installed one yourself, double check it to make sure it is angled the correct way.

Now it’s time to practice your turning, parking, backing up, etc. You can do this by just hitting the Hroad or  you can find a large parking lot and set up a test course for yourself.  Practice makes perfect, well almost! So where you’re out there here are a few more tips while on the road.

Don’t you just wish the road would just stay straight forever? Well that’s not going to happen and you’re going to have to learn to master turning.  Don’t just turn the wheel when you reach the corner otherwise your back end will wind up eating the curb and quite possibly others things too. Instead, swing out just a bit into the intersection and then take your turn, slowly.  Don’t worry, you’ll get it soon enough.

When you’re on the road don’t concentrate on the lines right in front of you. Instead use the wide-screen windshield you have and look about four to five cars in front of you. This will automatically center you in your lane. Also, since you’re up much higher you’ll be able to see much more of what’s going ahead of you. Take advantage of this and avoid sticky situations.

The more you get out and drive your RV, the more comfortable you’ll get and the more confidence you’ll gain. Practicing in a parking lot is a great idea if you’re very uncomfortable. And a good rule of thumb, if you’re ever in doubt, get out of the RV and take a look to make sure the space you’re driving in to or out of is clear. Pretty soon you’ll be a pro just like the rest of the RVers on the road!

If you have any funny first time RV driving stories or helpful tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them! You can post here or post on our Facebook page.


RVers, Host a Tapas Dinner Party!

Tapas?  What in the world are tapas you ask. The word Tapas originated in Spain and is not a particular food. Rather, it’s a lot of tiny bites, but not to be confused with appetizers. If you start with tapas, you end with tapas until you are full.  Tapas are usually served with drinks, most commonly wine.  To me this sounds like it would make for a great party and a reason to invite fellow RVer over for some food, drinks and RV talk. Below are some great Spanish tapas recipes to help get you started:

Spanish Omelett – This is the classic tapas recipe

Calamares  Fritos – Fried Squid

Ham, Cheese and Chorizo with Bread

Garlic Shrimp

Those four recipes are the staple of a classic tapas dinner party.  Now all you need is a few good bottles of Spanish wine, or maybe make a pitcher of Sangria.  Here’s a great Sangria recipe.  You may want to sever the dishes one at time so your guests can enjoy each one on it own. Or serving them as a buffet will work too!  And don’t forget to pop in a CD with good Spanish influence like the Gypsy Kings.  We hope you enjoy a tapas dinner party with some of your fellow RVers! Cheers!