Stop the rocking with anti-sway bars

When driving an RV, you may take a turn a bit too fast, or hit some bumpy terrain and notice that your rig doesn’t feel as sturdy and strong as it looks.  RV suspensions are made to handle the enormous load of RV travel, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be upgraded for a more stable driving experience. While you may think that the only way to make your RV’s suspension better is by taking out and installing your existing suspension is the only way to make your ride better, there is a simpler, and cheaper, alternative.

RV anti-sway bars are designed to be attached to your RV to give you a more sturdy and stable driving experience.  The video below shows how you can easily add anti-sway bars to your rig to make your drive feel much more safe and comfortable.

If you have questions about adding and installing anti-sway bars to your RV, then be sure to come by Jim’s RV and we’ll be sure to help you out.


Stay charged with these deep cycle battery tips

If you are a full time, or regular RVer, you have probably experienced battery issues at some point in your camping experience.  If your batteries are going out regularly, even if it seems like you are constantly having to buy new ones, then you know the frustration of losing a lot of your RVs abilities.

Well, here’s a great video to help you get more out of the life of your deep cycle batteries.  From what level to charge to, to how often you should check your batteries under certain conditions, this video is sure to help you stay powered up.

If you follow all of these tips, but still find that your battery life is limited, then you may have bigger electrical problems happening, and it is best to take them to an RV mechanic as soon as possible.  If you want to see how much battery life you could get out of a new RV, then be sure to stop by Jim’s RV.


Keep cool this summer with air conditioner maintenance

With the weather getting warmer every passing week, it is becoming more and more important to have a working air conditioner in your RV for comfortable travel and camping. If you have never camped in a rig with an A/C system that under performs, or doesn’t work at all, then believe me when I say that it takes all of the fun out of any trip. Routine and basic air conditioner maintenance will help keep you and your passengers nice and cool, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Regular maintenance is even more important if your RV or trailer has outside air conditioning systems since these are battered by the elements.  Here are some tips from

RV air conditioners consist of many part, some of them are installed outdoor which means that they need proper maintenance for a long and trouble free functioning. With the course of time such weather conditions as snow, rain and dust can negatively affect your air conditioner. So, if you want your cooling unit live along live without constant repairs, make use of the following tips:

  • Your cooling RV air conditioners have filters that allow the proper work. With the course of time these filters get clogged, which reduces their efficiency and increases the possibility of a break down. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you take care of your filter on a regular basis. In case with disposable filters, you should change it once a month in summer time. If there is a reusable filter in your cooling system, it is necessary to give it a proper cleaning. One cleaning a month is enough. The process is very simple. You can remove dust and dirt with a cloth using little detergent. Then let the filter dry, and it’s ready to be installed again. Never ignore this process, because if you fail to clean the filter, you’ll end up paying more for repairing and low efficiency.
  • Evaporator coil also need to be kept in a good condition. You should clean it on a regular basis and keep free of dust and dampness. Improper maintenance of an evaporator coil may cause corrosion, which considerably lower the efficiency of the whole system.

So, proper maintenance is of great importance, if you want to enjoy freshness on those summer hot days. It’s worth the effort to make regular cleaning of your RV air conditioner. Kept in good condition, your RV air conditioner will last really long.

So help fight the heat this summer and keep everyone aboard happy.  A proper working A/C will allow you to go anywhere you want, no matter the temperature, and have a great time.  If you are looking for a new RV or trailer to cool out in, then be sure to check us out at Jim’s RV.


You can RV even if you are a motorcyclist

If you are buying a camping trailer, then that usually means that you will be towing it behind a truck or SUV.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t camper trailers that are designed for the motorcycle enthusiast.  If you own a motorcycle and often travel to bike shows and events, such as Sturgis,  then you may think that you are beholden to hotel reservations and check in times.

Well, I found a great article from that shows how one lucky biker is able to travel wherever he wants in the country, and always have a way to camp out.  This micro-camper may not have all the amenities of a full size fifth-wheel, but that doesn’t mean that he is camping uncomfortably.

They don’t cook in their living quarters (they don’t come with stoves), so they eat out when on the road. This is their 2005 bunkhouse by B&F Specialties of Elk Grove, Illinois. This cool little RV has a screened in porch for bug-free outdoor living. Let me take you inside for a look at the sleeping quarters. This unit comes with a king sized bed with blow-up mattresses.

This little RV is roomy enough for tall folks to be comfortable. It weighs 350 lbs. empty and also sports an electric refrigerator on the front.

Steve says it takes about five to ten minutes to set up and, “If it’s raining you can do it real fast.”

So if you want to travel around the country on your hog, but don’t want to deal with high hotel costs, then you should consider looking at a micro-camper.  It goes to show, that RVs come in all shapes and sizes to make life on the road easier.  If you are looking for a new RV or camper, be sure to check us out at Jim’s RV.


Make a checklist to get going faster, New York

There may be many times that you find yourself in a bit of a rush.  This makes is very easy for something to go wrong.  You need to look at your RV like an airplane that is about to leave for take-off.  All airplanes have to go through an extensive check list to make sure that everything is ok to go before you leave the run way.  This ensures yours, and every one else’s, safety.

There are a lot of things that need to be done before you hit the road in your rig.  Whether it is forgetting to lower your television antenna, or making sure that everything is disconnected from your RV, such as propane and electric lines, these small lapses in judgement can lead to thousands of dollars of damage, and even injury.

The best way to avoid these problems from happening would be to make a pre-trip check list.  You can put things on it such as a packing list to make sure you aren’t leaving anything at home, to mechanical checks, such as checking your tire pressure and oil levels.  Just make sure to be as thorough as possible, cutting corners will only make things worse.  You can also set little reminders for yourself such as sticky notes on the dash, or door handles, to make sure that you check everything.

If you do this, it will actually save you time and head aches down the road.  Doing this will also give you a heads up of when you need to go through your regular maintenance.  This will help you shrink the chance that you’ll ever get stranded on the side of the road due to some unforeseen problem.  If you want an RV that goes through a check list from a pro, then come stop by Jim’s RV.


One baseball fan’s roadtrip to see 30 games in 39 days

As an RVer, you know what it is like to get behind the wheel of your rig before a long trip.  It’s the feeling of excitement mixed with the knowledge that you will need to get comfortable for the long road ahead, but often times the drive won’t last more than a few days.  Well one baseball fan decided that he would drive across the country, and even into Canada, and see a game at every baseball stadium in the MLB, and do it all in less than 40 days.

With a trip that totaled over 13,000 miles, and going through 35 states, Matt Langer was such a fan of driving and baseball that he decided it would be a great way to spend his last 7 weeks of his post-college time before starting his new job.  He started a blog called 30 in 39 to chronicle his trip, and it’s a great read for the road warrior.

So, what would you do with a 7 week vacation? Backpack through Europe? Sit by the beach? Nothing? Not me. I wanted to do something crazy, ambitious, challenging, fun, and above all, memorable.

I’ve always loved baseball and driving, so I put the two together and said, “Why not go visit all 30 Major League Baseball parks?” What I didn’t realize at the time was how much time and effort it would be just to plan such a trip. I also didn’t realize that I would need to drive 13,000 miles on this journey and as far 1300 miles between 2 parks. Still, I was undeterred.

While this trip may seem a big extreme, he is not the only person to think about doing a trip like this.  In fact, there have been many RV families that have done the same thing, although at a much more leisurely pace.  It’s a great idea for a family trip if you are tired of going to the same camp ground every summer.  While you don’t have to go to every stadium, it could be just as fun to see a few games, or to follow your favorite team for a week or two.

If you do decide to take the family for an extended road trip this summer, be sure that you have everything you need for your RV by dropping by Jim’s RV.


RV Parks: What Age Should Kids Start Swimming?

I know this post is a little off of the beaten path, but I think it’s probably one of my most important.  What age is the right age to teach your kids or grandkids how to swim?

Keep in mind that when I say “swim” I’m not referring to strokes like freestyle, or the backstroke, or the butterfly, I’m talking about is an infants ability to move through the water, harmoniously on their own accord.

Watch this video to see what I mean by this:

Many RV Parks have pools, many have accessible lakes or ponds, so in a matter of moments a fun family RV vacation could turn to disaster.

Before vacationing consider swim lessons for your toddlers and yes, even for your infants.

For more information look at this very comprehensive web page dedicated to making your babies…”Water Babies”.