Great ways to camp and still visit the Big Apple

There may be a bit of a problem making everyone in your family happy about finding the perfect trip. You may want to spend time relaxing at a traditional camp ground while your kids or spouse may want to be close to the city to do other activities.  Normally, this means that someone will have to put their plans on hold to make everyone else happy.  Well, there may be a way to give your family the ability to spend time in the city, while still being able to get away from all the hustle and bustle that it brings with it.

When a lot of people think about New York City, the last thing that comes to mind is camping, but believe it or not there are some great areas near the Big Apple that are great for the camping experience.  You can spend the day relaxing under the sun, and then go see a great Broadway show that night. These hidden gems are sure to be the compromise that leaves everyone happy.

One great park to look at is Clarence Fahnestock State Park.  Located just outside the city, this park offers rowboat rentals, Saturday-night movies and organized hiking excursions, book yourself one of the 80 campsites at this 14,000-acre upstate park located along the beautiful Canopus Lake. Nearby hunting and fishing are also available with a state permit.

There are plenty of other great campgrounds within our great state that still offer access to day visits in the city, and you may be surprised at how many great camp grounds are around.  With gas prices still on the high side, it’s still a great way to go on your normal summer trip while not breaking the bank by having to drive thousands of miles away.

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Make finding the Best Parks in America easy!

If you are looking for the best parks to spend your summer travel season visiting, then you may expect to do a bit of research.  Google and other search engines can take you so far, and most of the time the results that you find are for web sites run by the parks themselves, which is clearly not objective.  Well, there is one easy way to find all the best parks in the country, and the best part is that you don’t even need internet access to use it.  The Best Parks in America Directory is a printed directory with plenty of information about they best places to go camping this summer.

For more about the directory, here’s RV Business:

Packed with information about affiliated parks nationwide, the new “RVing and Camping at the Best Parks in America Directory” is now available, according to a press release.

“We are really excited about this upgraded version of the Best Parks Directory,” said Best Parks in America President David Gorin. “It features 73 wonderful parks in 28 states and in Canada. I think this new directory does an excellent job of highlighting all that the Best Parks in America have to offer.”

The release stated that the new book has a “bright, colorful new cover with an enhanced design and a more eye-catching layout.” The look is further enhanced with photos for each listed park and advertising that provides consumers with additional information.

Best Parks in America has also teamed with the RV Cooking Show to provide regional RVing and camping recipes throughout the book.  These short pieces “bring to RVers the wonderful world of specialty recipes from around the country.”

“We are very happy to be able to include recipes from the RV Cooking Show in this year’s directory,” states Gorin. “It lets the campers and RVers know that we’re not just interested in getting them to stay at our parks, but we want to help them enjoy their stay in any way we can. Especially when it comes to eating quality food.”

Complimentary copies of the new directory can be ordered from or can be picked up at any affiliated RV park or campground.

Best Parks in America is a national marketing network promoting and marketing America’s highly rated RV parks and campgrounds. Currently with 73 parks in 28 states, Best Parks is increasingly building consumer top of mind awareness of the quickest and easiest way to find the Best Parks in America.

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Keep your RV problem free


One of the best things you can do for your rig is perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.  Most of these simple procedures will only take a small amount of time, and they will save you hundreds, and possibly thousands, of dollars you would have to spend to fix any problems once they occur.  It’s easy to forget to check your RV’s major systems such as water tanks, black water tanks, propane lines, and other things that allow your RV to run properly.  If you cut out one weekend every couple of months, you’ll be able to have the peace of mind, knowing that your RV won’t break down on a trip.

I found the great video below, which explains some of the best preventative maintenance routines that you need to do.

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Gas prices are falling just in time for July 4th weekend!

At the beginning of the RV season, a lot of people worried that their ability to go out and travel as much as they would like would be cut short due to the sky rocketing gas prices.  Well, it seems like we have seen the highest that gas prices will go for the foreseeable future.  This is great news for RVers all across the country.  It means that we’ll all be able to enjoy the busy summer season as much as we have in years past.

Here’s some more information about the falling gas prices from RV Business.

After facing $4 sticker shock at the pump for much of 2011, consumers are now likely to get a break by the July Fourth holiday weekend as gas prices fall to $3.40 or lower, according to a report by USA Today.

The catalyst is coming from both the U.S. and the International Energy Association, which announced plans Thursday to sell 60 million barrels of oil from emergency reserves and possibly more later.

The release, which includes 30 million barrels from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, is aimed at cutting crude prices and bolstering the sputtering global economy by offsetting production declines in Libya and the Middle East.

Regular gasoline peaked at a national average of $3.98 a gallon in early May. Slumping demand has pushed the average to $3.61. Reserve sales could cut prices another 20 cents or more.

“This packs a psychological punch that’s going to lower pump prices, for sure,” says industry analyst Jim Ritterbusch of Ritterbusch & Associates. “This is a lift for both consumers and the economy.”

Although 60 million barrels is less than the daily global consumption of about 85 million barrels, the news fueled a sell-off Thursday in crude oil futures. Benchmark West Texas crude fell 4.6% to $91.02 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, a four-month low.

The break in gas prices should arrive just in time for July 4th travels, so have your plans and be ready to hit the road.  If you are looking for a new RV then be sure to stop by Jim’s RV.


See the light with new LED bulbs


If you are tired of buying new incandescent light bulbs that die after a few months, or are tired of having to run extra electricity through your rig to power them, then you should consider changing to LED bulbs.  They last longer, use less energy, and even produce less heat than normal bulbs do.  While the initial cost of LED bulbs may be a bit more than you would pay for a case of regular bulbs, you will get more life and save more on fuel costs with them to more than off set the initial cost.

Here’s more from Tito’s RV Blog about replacing your lights with LEDs.

With the old-bulbs, the light fixture would get extremely hot. In fact, we would often burn our fingers just trying turn the light on and off. The new bulbs put off very little heat and are not hot to the touch at all. To the left is a photo of the fixture with the new LED bulb in it.

Upgrading your light fixtures is a very easy project that any one should be able to take on. If you do a lot of boondocking then you’ve probably already considered it. All you have to do is pick the right replacement LEDs for your light fixture.

So if you are looking for a better way to light your RV, then think about making the switch to LED light bulbs, it will illuminate your camping in more ways than one.  If you are looking for a new RV to make the change in your lighting, then be sure to stop by Jim’s RV.


Do you own an ATV and want to take it with you?

One of the most popular outdoor activities is 4-wheeling.  The problem if you own an ATV and an RV, is you often can’t take both out together due to lack of space.  Well, one company came up with a solution for the RVer who also enjoys hitting the trails in their ATV.  Their product is called the Idaho Tote, and it is an easy solution if you want to take your ATV, golf cart, or motorcycle with you on your RV adventures.  Unlike cars, these vehicles are too small to directly two behind your RV, but much too big to store inside of your rig.

Here’s more about their product from

The Idaho Tote is an extension of your motor coach or 5th wheel. Simply weld the provided attachment to your recreational vehicle and the Idaho Tote easily bolts right on!  You cannot jackknife … It does not sway …

The Idaho Tote turns automatically as it senses the turning pressure from your motor coach, 5th wheel or primary vehicle.. simply put, it steers itself!

It works just as well travelling down the highway, or backing into a camp site. Maneuver your RV with the Idaho Tote attached as one unit, worry free!

So don’t leave your toys at home… bring them along, worry free, with the Idaho Tote.

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Find the cheapest gas in town in one click

While gas prices are starting to slip from the nearly $4.00 national average, they are still quite high, and no one knows this more than an RVer.  Whether you are driving your rig or your car, when you are filling up at the gas station and those numbers keep on spinning by, you wonder if there was cheaper gas just around the corner.  Well, you can take that guess work away with the help of a very useful website. is a great resource for any driver, but it will come especially useful to RVers whoa re driving through new areas without the knowledge of knowing where the cheapest gas in town usually is.  It works like Google Maps or Mapquest, all you have to do is enter the ZIP code into the box and it will bring up the gas prices in the area.

The only snag will be that it posts the prices from the last 48 hours, so there may be a small dip or rise in price, but it is great at giving you a general idea of which stations offer the best prices.  Next time you are in a new town while going across the country, this website will become an invaluable tool to help save you a little green during the busy travel season.

So don’t worry about not getting the best fuel price, no matter where you are and be free to go out and enjoy the summer season in your RV.  If you are looking for a new rig to fuel up and see the country’s best camping spots, then be sure to come by Jim’s RV.


Get your RVing dad a great gift for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you may be wondering what color tie he would like this year.  But before you go the dress wear route, get him something that he will not only love, but something he will put to good use while going RVing.  The best thing about RVing is that there is also something that can be added to make the experience better, and what better way to perk up your rig then giving it to Dad for Father’s Day.

I found a great list of Father’s Day RV gifts from English to Latin Translation that’s sure to give you some great gift ideas.

– Senseo Coffee Machine — Wake dad up with the smell of fresh coffee. The Senseo coffee machine is made of plastic so there’s no glass to break. Pours one or two cups of coffee at a time and has an adjustable spout. Comes in a variety of colors: white, blue, silver, black and red.

– Camco 40171 Ship Top Vent Insulator — If sunlight is getting dad up too early, get the Camco Vent Insulator. It not only helps insulate, but blocks sunlight to let dad rest a little longer.

-RVers Notebook — This software stores and organizes expense reports and maintenance records. There’s a section to track and rate campgrounds and a scrapbook to store pictures and notes from each vacation. An event planner keeps you on track and an address book lets you stay in touch with friends and family. The software also helps balance and calculate weight to keep the RV steady and items properly stored.

– Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring System — checks tire pressure wirelessly. Air pressure sensor caps replace dust caps and gives visual and audio alerts to low and high air pressure as you drive.

– Garmin Nuvi 1490T — A great tool to keep you on track, avoid traffic delays and assist with lane choices. Has hands free calling, a 5″ touch screen and driving directions. The best feature of this device is the eco-route calculator. Great for every RV dad, eco-route finds the most fuel-efficient routes as well as tracking fuel usage.

So make your favorite RVer a happy day this Father’s Day! If you really want to blow his mind, then come into Jim’s RV and maybe get him something a little bigger!