Stay warm on those cold nights


With the weather starting to get colder, and the days shorter, you are probably experiencing a bit of a chill at night now. This is also the time of year where you are still RVing in cooler climates before either heading south for the winter or storing your RV until next season. Staying warm and comfortable in your RV is a key to have a great trip this time of year. No one likes sleepless nights shivering the whole time, so how should you stay warm? The easy answer is your RV furnace, but you may be out at a camp site when that breaks down, so what are you back up options?

The two most popular choices are heating strips and portable heaters. Like all things, there are pros and cons that go with both, and it is more of a preferential choice. Let’s look at portable heaters first. The great thing about these are that they do a good job heating a small space. At night, shut the door to your room and turn one of these on and you will stay warm through out the night. They are also quiet, which is key to falling asleep. The problem with them is that they tend to break down easily over time. If you buy one you can expect to buy another after a few years. Also, there is always to risk of fire with these heaters, due to the exposed heating coils. If you use one, be sure to put it in a safe place out of contact with combustibles.

Another option is a heating strip. A heating strip is installed in the air conditioner and it is a 1500 watt heater. This option is goo because it is generally more reliable than the portable heater, and it doesn’t take up any extra space in the RV. The not so great part about them is that you have to run your A/C fan through the night, and it doesn’t heat your rig nearly as well as the portable heater. You won’t freeze to death with one, but you won’t be toasty.

If all else fails, keep extra quilts and blankets in your RV and bundle up for warmth. If you are looking for a new RV ta stay warm in, be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


Take your camper for a float on the water?


If you try to back your trailer into a lake, chances are that it will flood, ruin everything inside, and eventually sink to the bottom. Well, one German company has designed a new RV trailer that will get to the lake, and then get on it. If you are an RVer that likes to go to lake side destinations, then this is an idea that you wish were thought of long ago. Back in the fifties, the idea of amphibious cars that could drive into the water and then flow through the water was a novel idea that died out. Well, this retro thinking camper is here to bring it back.

It is called the Sealander, and it is a towable that allows you to fall asleep to the slow rocking waves. Consumer Reports has more on this water bound sleeper.

This little vessel is small and light enough to be towed by any modestly-powered CUV and features a fully-configurable interior. Inside, there’s space for a four-person table, a kitchenette and a sleeping area, and there’s even space outside for a deck. Why would you want a deck on your tiny camper? Because you’ll need somewhere to stand when you take to the open seas in your home away from home. As its name suggests, the Sealander is completely amphibious. All you have to do is strap on the pint-sized motor and avoid any small craft warnings.

Unfortunately, this camper is only available in Europe for the time being, but if the idea proves to be a popular option, you can be sure that US manufacturers may take notice. Until then, you can find a great camper to stay on the shore at Jim’s RV.


RVing on four legs


If you own an RV and a dog, then chances are your furry companion will be taking many trips with you. RVing with pets can bring a lot of joy and companionship, but it can also bring its fair share of challenges.  Safety for all of your passengers, human or not, while both driving and staying at your camp site is always very important, and being prepared for any situation is a great way to have a head ache free trip.  Unlike human passengers, there are a lot of things that you need o take into consideration when traveling with your pet.

The first thing that you should do before any trip with your pooch is check to make sure that they are up to date on all of their vaccinations.  We all know about the dangers of your dog contracting rabies from other wild life, but you should also make sure that they are protected against other illnesses such as bordatella and other sickness. You never know what your dog will interact with or get into and you don’t want your pup getting sick. You should also learn basic first aid for your pet in case a problem does occur on the road.

You should also keep your dog on a leash at all times.  If your dog runs away while at your house, there’s a good chance in finding it, but if this happens hundreds of miles away it will become very hard to find it.  Not only that, but it is also courteous to other campers.  You may love your dog, but not everyone is a dog person. Some people think that a good way to avoid this problem is to keep their dog in their rig, but you should keep your dog with you at all times. A bored dog may find ways to occupy themselves in a small space, and you may come home to a destroyed RV.

Finally, clean up after your dog. Buy some doggy waste bags and dispose of them properly. No one, either yourself or others, wants to walk into their rig and bring in dog mess with them.  RVing with dogs is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and if you’re looking for a new RV to bring your furry friend with you, then come into Jim’s RV.


In your RV Pay Attention to Clearance


If you are new you RVing, then you have probably had the thought go through your mind about how much bigger it feels behind the wheel than it looked at the dealership.  There is nothing wrong with buying a large Class A sized RV.  They come packed with features and accessories, but it can be a huge shock when you start driving it from place to place.  One of the biggest things that you have to deal with is all the new rules that go along with owning such a large vehicle.

One of the things that you need to know is how tall your rig is.  From fast food joints to bridges, you have probably already noticed height warnings before you even bought an RV.  It is important to know how tall your RV is, and be sure to measure again if you add anything to your roof such as solar panels or air vents. If you hit something that is too low it will cause a large amount of damage to your rig and may put others around you in danger as well.

One of the lesser known issues that you have to be aware of in your RV is the width.  While like height it is important to know so you don’t cause any RV damage, but it is also important to know because some roads have width restrictions.  While the road may look about the same size as most others, a width restricted road may put other cars in danger because they do not have enough clearance around you while passing.  Many of these roads will have signs alerting drivers of these rules.

It is important to know the dimensions of your rig so you can become a safer driver.  Your owners manual should have these measurements listed inside, but if not, be sure to carefully measure yourself. If you are looking for a great new RV, no matter the size, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


Buy used and save


RVing has been a popular American tradition for a long time.  It is the dream of a lot of people to one day sell the house and pack into a spacious luxury rig and head out on the open road.  Many people who want to do this though are turned off by looking at the price tag of new RVs, and instead of experiencing the great outdoors are stuck at home.  There is a stigma that buying a used RV will leave you wanting more. You may think that the reason the RV is being sold as used is because there is something wrong with it and that’s why it still isn’t owned.

Buying a used RV is not only a great way to save money, but it still gives you all the joy of buying a new RV.  The most important thing that you need to consider when buying an RV, new or old, is that it is right for you and what you want to get out of it.  There is more to buying an RV than buying the biggest and most expensive on the lot.  There would be no need for something like that if you are looking to be a part time RVer.  If you know what you are looking for then you can start looking for the best bang for your buck, which is usually a great used RV.

Finding a used RV means doing your research and talking to someone you can trust.  When looking at used RVs be sure to ask as many questions as possible.  The ownership history, and repairs, and other questions can help you make sure that you are buying a rig that is not only priced low, but also still in excellent working condition.  If you are in the market for a used RV and want to feel confident that you are buying a great one, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


How to live together in an RV


No matter how much you love the person that you are RVing with, there can be such a thing as spending too much time together. While it can be easy to have some quality alone time at home, getting it in an RV can be a little bit harder.  We all have those times where we just want to spend time alone with our thoughts, and it isn’t a bad thing.  Like the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  So what are some great tips to get used to living with someone in such small quarters?

RVing should be seen as a great way to grow your bond with your special someone. During those long stretches at a campground, especially during bad weather, can really put a strain on things.  One of the best ways to enjoy your own space is finding a hobby with a specified area in your RV to do it in.  This way if you or your loved one is working or crafting, you know that that is time for relaxation.  If you want to watch TV or listen to music, but your spouse is reading, headphones can go a long way in helping out.

RVing shouldn’t cause you to create walls though.  Many camp sites offer activites that both of you can do together and relax without worrying about what to make for dinner or doing the bills, and these times should be used to get closer with your travel partner. If it is time to unwind alone, make sure that your spouse knows this and take a short walk or a quick trip in town.

Living in such close quarters can seem like a big obstacle at first, but with a little understanding and work, it can turn into some of the best times in your relationship.  If you are looking for a new RV to spend time with your loved one, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


Extend your battery life with Coil N Wrap


One of the things that you need to keep a regular eye on is your RV’s batteries.  Your batteries will slowly begin to die over time, and you never want to be out boondocking or on the road when it happens.  One of the ways to keep your batteries in great shape is to regularly fill them with distilled water.  Unfortunately, this chore can become a bit of a hassle.  To do this then you have to remove all of the heavy batteries, fill them up one at a time, and then put them securely in place.  This can be a bit of a strain, and it can take a chunk out of your afternoon.

Well, one company has come up with a simple system to keep your batteries water level filled with hardly any work at all.  The company is called Coil N Wrap and it has made a simple device that will not only save you time, but it will also greatly extend the life of your batteries. The video below shows just how simple this can be.


So if you are looking for a easier way to keep your batteries charged, then be sure to check them out.  If you are looking for a new RV, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


Always find the perfect radio station


Good music and the open road go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Unfortunately, as an RVer it can become a struggle finding a radio station with the tunes that you are looking for.  I have driven through parts of the country where my radio can only pick up a few stations that have gardening shows and show tunes.  Suffice to say, that can make driving a little bit more tedious than it already is.  With the invention of CD players and iPod docks, it can be easier to get the music you want, but sometimes you can grow tired of your old playlists and CDs.

Well if you are in that rut, then you should really consider satellite radio and phone apps for your smartphone to help get you through those driving doldrums.  By now you have surely heard about satellite radio services and the easy use and joy they can bring drivers.  Most new RVs come equipped with satellite radio receivers and they can offer a clear signal and unlimited music options no matter where you are.  With stations separated by genre, and an easy to read face plate that tells you who and what you are listening to, its a great investment for any RVer.  The only thing that may be less than ideal is the monthly subscription charge that comes with owning satellite radio.

If you own an iPhone and have a radio receiver that allows you to plug it into your sound system, then a good radio alternative may be the numerous radio apps available.  One of the most popular apps is I Heart Music, which many radio stations subscribe to and allow you to listen anywhere in the world.  This is great if you have a favorite station back at home and don’t want to miss your usual morning show or favorite DJ while away.  Other good apps such as Pandora Radio allow you to enter in your favorite bands and songs and it creates a never ending playlist with similar groups and music.

Life on the open road should be as enjoyable as possible and having your favorite music with you will make it easier for that to happen.  If you are looking for a new RV to rock in, then come into Jim’s RV.


Tour New York City with the Good Sam Club

If you’ve just recently bought a new or used RV, you probably haven’t heard of the Good Sam Club yet. Those of us who have been living in the RV world for awhile, are most likely familiar with this RV club and might even be members. This group is known for a lot of things including their amazing Caraventures and Tours across the US and Canada.  This month, they will be touring New York City for six days starting on September 18. Sure you may have been to the City that Never Sleeps before, but have you loaded up your RV and met up with a group of people who love RVing as much as you?

This tour provides six nights of camping with water and electric hookups at Liberty Harbor RV Park, reserved seating to three fabulous shows on Broadway, four meals at famous New York restaurants, guided tours through the city and more! Good Sam Club tours and Caraventures are a great way to meet other RV lovers from across the country! The best part about this jam-packed RV adventure is that it’s in your own backyard!

2011 New York City Tour

New York, NY
September 18-24, 2011

Register Here

  • Six nights of camping with water and electric hookups at Liberty Harbor RV Park (One honeywagon service provided)
  • Reserved seats to three fabulous Broadway shows!
  • Four outstanding meals at famous establishments in New York City.
  • Private and comfortable motorcoach for scheduled tour days
  • Welcome Dinner – get acquainted and meet new friends
  • Four tour days escorted by a licensed NYC guide
  • Empire State Building and Top of the Rock tours
  • Radio City Music Hall Back Stage Tour
  • 5th Avenue – fashionable shops and world-class architecture
  • Harbor Lights boat tour – the best way to see the NYC skyline!
  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island – our symbol of freedom
  • NBC Tour at Rockefeller Plaza – a most popular NYC attraction
  • Shopping and free time to explore on your own
  • Lunch at Peking Duck in Chinatown – we’re sure you’ll love their house specialty!
  • Experienced Tour Directors

New York RVers, Make Sure You Stay Awake!

I love taking my family on long trips in the RV, but it can be hard to keep my eyes open late at night or after many hours on the road.  My wife can’t even stay awake for 30 minutes after we get into the RV for a trip!  There are some things I have learned over the years the help me stay awake and focused on driving those hundreds of miles.

  • First thing I do is make sure I get plenty of sleep the night before we leave on a trip.  It really helps when I am well rested the night before and can focus on driving instead of going back to bed.
  • If I am feeling a little groggy, I will stop to walk around, get some fresh air and either a coffee or a energy drink.  Energy drinks make some people feel jittery, so make sure you know how you react to them before you take one before a trip.
  • I like to have conversations to my passengers in the car, because not only does it keep me awake, it makes the time fly by faster!
  • To keep my mind active when I start to become weary, I will chew sunflower seeds, ice or gum.  It makes sure that I have another ‘task’ to do while driving.
  • I love to have a upbeat playlist for road trips, because not only is the music fun, but I love to sing-along!
  • If I am feeling tired and I am driving by myself, sometimes I will pull into a parking lot and take a 15-30 minute power-nap.  It is just enough sleep to reset my brain and get me through until I reach my destination.
If you try all of these and they still do not work, it is best to either switch drivers, or stay at a hotel and rest.  It is easy to think you are ok to drive when tired, but 40,000 people a year are injured because of drowsy drivers. If you are looking for a new RV, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.