Easy Satellite On The Go New York!

By now most people know that their home satellite can be used on their RV. Those people also know that it can be rather time consuming to get it all set up. With the amount of time it takes to set up a satellite dish and mount it, many people get frustrated or just don’t want to take the time. Now there is an answer to this problem, and one that makes set up easy and fast.

The VuQube 1000 Portable Satellite is the new solution to problems with older satellites. It can be placed anywhere that has a clear view of the southern sky. Simply set the unit in place and use the wireless remote from inside the comfort of your own RV. One of the great features of the VuQube is that it only takes one person can set it up. This is something that is almost impossible with traditional satellites.

We all know that our time in the outdoors is priceless, but sometimes a break from Mother Nature helps us to appreciate it even more. When hunting or fishing, the peak times of activity are typically in the early morning and late afternoon. This leaves a lot of time in the rest of the day to catch up on sports games and other programs. This is especially beneficial if children are involved. It seems that the VuQube could be the answer to all our entertainment needs when we are traveling.

The VuQube is very versatile and effortlessly portable. It is easy to carry anywhere and with the quick set up, it would be popular with anyone who wants to have TV. It only takes a single coaxial cable to hook up the unit and requires no assembly or installation. It’s that simple!

Prices on the VuQube 1000 are very affordable. Visit Jim’s RV in Nichols, New York today! We have them for sale at $599.99. These units will move fast at this price and spring is the perfect time to get out RVing. So get in soon and pick one up for your stay in the great outdoors!


Insurance Coverage For Your RV New York!

It’s always exciting buying a new RV at your local New York RV dealer. You think of all the fun you will have vacationing and what you will stock it with. However, there are some other things you will need for your new RV; namely insurance. Just as you need insurance for your car and home, your recreational vehicle is no exception.

Whether you choose a motor home, trailer or camper, insurance coverage is a must. Not only will it keep you protected, it can ease your mind so you can do what’s most important while on vacation; relax! Since your RV takes the place of your home while away, you will want to find some insurance coverage that is two-fold. You will need a policy that will protect you and your guests while traveling, and your RV while it is parked or stored.

With all the other costs we have as homeowners, car owners, and more, it would benefit many to try and keep the cost of your RV insurance down. There are a few ways that you can keep your coverage costs down.

By having a clean and safe driving record, you can lower your rate. Also, some safety measures will help too; anti-theft devices and off-street parking.

Policy Bundling:
Many companies will give you a discount if you bundle all of your insurance policies with them. Generally, the more policies you have with a company (car, home, personal property) the more you will save.

Cost of RV:
Before you purchase your RV, check with your insurance agent to see what the insurance policy on that particular model will cost. Generally, the more expensive the RV, the more expensive your policy will be.

Raise your deductible:
If you choose to pay more out of pocket, you can save more money on your policy. Decide how much you are comfortable paying for should you have any claims.

For more information about your RV insurance, visit www.safeco.com. And the next time you come by Jim’s RV for your next purchase, consider your insurance coverage.


Avoid Travel Anxiety On Your Next Cross-Country Road Trip New York!

We all get anxiety when we set out on any type of trip. Did I forget something? What if the RV breaks down? And the list goes on from there. To avoid getting the symptoms of travel anxiety, shortness of breath, irritability, nervousness and unexplained dread, remember these tips for your next RV vacation.

1. Plan your route and look for coupons and deals

Get ahead of your travel anxiety by mapping and planning out your route. There are many websites and mobile apps that will help map out your RV route. And if your route changes it’s no problem to adjust.

Prior to your departure, check for coupons and deals to save money on activities and attractions that may be happening along your route. You can find discounts on everything from horseback riding to wine touring. And one discount currently being offered is free admission to all National Parks from April 21-29, 2012 in conjunction with National Park Week. For more information visit www.nps.gov/npweek.

2. Look out for any potential mechanical problems

Many severe mechanical problems will offer warning signs before things go completely wrong. Before departing and whenever you stop along the way, inspect your RV and anything you may be towing. During your drive pay close attention to any noises, sounds or vibrations you may hear. By taking care of the problem early on you may avoid a larger problem later on.

3. Prepare for rush hour, even in the country

As you travel throughout the day, try to avoid traveling through cities during rush hour. Not only will it wreak havoc on your fuel efficiency, it will throw your schedule off. If traveling with a GPS, many can alert you to upcoming slow downs and re-route you to avoid them. If there is no way out of the back-up, pull of to the side of the road or into a restaurant, and wait it out.

4. Utilize free overnight parking

Although you would probably prefer the comfort of an RV park most nights, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free parking opportunities. Many Wal-Marts, Pilot and Flying J travel centers offer free overnight parking for RV’s. Check out www.pilotflyingj.com for more information along your route.

5. Go with the flow

There is a saying, “Life is what happens when your making plans.” As much as we prepare for something, there is always going to be something unexpected that pops up. Try to take advantage of these changes and find something different to do. Remember that the most important thing on your vacation is to have fun.

Once you return from your trip, visit your local New York RV dealer, Jim’s RV and let us know how you avoided travel anxiety. Happy RVing!


Privacy During Your Next Camping Trip New York!


Towing your RV to a campsite or vacation spot is always a nice getaway. However, sometimes coming from the privacy of your own home to the great wide outdoors with no privacy, can take some adjustment. If you would enjoy a bit more privacy on your next RV or camping trip, check out The Wallup.

The Wallup is your own personal, portable privacy maker. The Wallup is a 6-foot by 12-foot portable wall that you can take and use anywhere. All you need is a flat surface, which gives you the ability to drive stakes in and voila! Added outdoor privacy and protection from wind up to 15 miles per hour and other weather elements.

The Wallup weighs less than 11 pounds, so almost anyone in your family can help to bring it along. The design of The Wallup uses no strings but rather heavy-duty fiberglass poles and solid steel stakes. The flexible wall of The Wallup is also UV and tear resistant.

The Wallup has multiple uses for RVing. Perhaps, the weather has turned windy and is threatening your picnic. Or maybe you have just parked your RV in the most ideal spot. And now, some other RVers are encroaching on your spot. Just pop up The Wallup for some protection. The Wallup also has many other uses for the outdoors and beyond. It can be used for hunting, ice fishing, protection from the sun, and as a changing room.

So for you next RV vacation, bring along your Wallup. And check your local New York RV dealer accessories department for their selction of The Wallup or they can order one for you today. Stop by Jim’s RV and give us some more ideas for all the uses you have for The Wallup!


Work Tips For Your RV Office New York!

As work life evolves, many people have begun to choose to work from home. And, many people choose to be full-time RVers in NY. Contrary to what you may be thinking this can work! A “home” office inside your RV can be a reality with a few simple steps. The following are some office necessities you will need to get your RV office up and running.

Cell Phone
When choosing your cell phone service, go with one that will provide you with unlimited long-distance and roaming. Many plans will offer these two features at one set price. Since a cell phone can be a big expense, this will ensure that you can talk to anyone, anywhere, for as long as you need. You will also be able to connect your cell phone to your computer to access Internet service.

Invest in a good laptop computer, and you will be able to do everything you would normally do from a home or work office. Park your RV near Wi-Fi hot spots such as libraries, hotels and café’s to have full access to the Internet. Many campgrounds will also offer free Wi-Fi to RVers.

Digital Camera
If your home business requires you to use photos, a nice digital camera will be very useful. Instead of having to send film in for development, you will be able to upload, download, edit, crop and print all from the comfort of your own RV.

Wireless Printer
A wireless printer that can print, scan, copy and fax would be the best choice for your RV office. Your computer can become your file cabinet as you will be able to scan with your printer and store everything electronically on your computer. Be sure to also purchase an external hard drive to back up all those important documents. In case anything happens to your computer, you would still have all your files.

Should your home business still require you to send and receive faxes, there are a couple of options that will allow you to do this from your RV. One option is to sign up for a 2-way contract, which will allow you to send and receive faxes for a small fee through a single service. Your second option would be to fax through two different websites; one to receive and one to send. This can be done free of charge.

By investing in the above devices, your RV office will be running smoothly in no time! This will allow you to enjoy your life on the road, instead of being cooped up in an office all day. If you need any tips or help setting up your RV office on the road, visit your local New York RV dealer, Jim’s RV today!


LED For Your RV?

LED (light emitting diode) is an efficient way to light up your world. Let’s explore the benefits of LED lights for use in an RV. There isn’t anything much more frustrating than going out for the weekend in an RV and discovering the batteries have been quickly discharged by interior lighting. There is a solution, LED lights can make a dramatic improvement in the longevity of your onboard batteries, save you money and make your life easier along the way.

LED lights have been widely available for many years. However, one major reason consumers typically avoid them consumers is due to price. Although expensive, LED lights are very energy efficient and can last up to fifty times longer than a traditional light bulb. That adds up to long-term savings without the hassle of changing bulbs frequently. They also operate at lower temperatures than traditional bulbs, which means less A/C use in the summertime, adding to your overall savings while enjoying the great outdoors.

LED lights can also be used for exterior and trailer lighting. With their long life, LEDs offer increased service intervals, which can translate into less frequent bulb changes. This will help to possibly avoid citations for burnt out light bulbs. Any chance to avoid being cited by law enforcement on the way to a relaxing vacation spot should be considered priceless.

Time spent in our RV is precious and with the rising cost of fuel, who wouldn’t want to save time and money? For those of us who spend too much time working and not enough time relaxing, LED is the answer when it comes to RV lighting. Efficiency is something we all have to work towards and this is a simple place to start. Shop around to find the best value and most reliable LEDs. If you need any help visit us at your local New York RV dealer, Jim’s RV. We will be more than happy to shine some light on the right LED for your new or used RV.