Highlighting the 2013 Forest River Catalina TT 212BH

At Jims Rv, we have a wide range of new and used RV vehicles to choose from. However, one particular model that is worthy of mention is the 2013 Forest River Catalina TT 212BH. This particular RV has numerous helpful features and amenities and is ideal for any couple or small family who enjoys travelling around the United States.

This 21″ trailer weighs just a bit over 4,000 pounds and can sleep up to four people. It has a marine grade exterior, front diamond plate and TRA Gold Level Green Certification. The bazinga stone interior has a three burner cook top range with oven and skylight above the shower area. The trailer also comes with a spare tire and outside shower that is ideal for small children.

Given the fact that the 2013 Forest River Catalina TT 212BH can be purchased for just a bit over $20,000, it is very good value for the money. Jims Rv also offers financing to make it easier for you to purchase the RV of your dreams at a reasonable cost. We also offer a new and used RV Service Protection Plan, a Fabric and/or Paint Protection Plan, Tire and Wheel Road Hazard Protection Plan and Life and Accidental Health Insurance.

If you are in the market for a new trailer, then you may want to at least consider the 2013 Forest River Catalina TT 212BH. It is a fine model and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. It is good looking, safe, and has all the features and amenities you need to enjoy your travels and camping trips both now and in the years to come.


RV Dessert Pick Of The Month: Ice Cream Flambe

You might not always be able to get the ingredients that you need, and you might not always be able to stop and park at a campground in order to prepare dessert, so we like to focus on recipes that you can make right in the passenger seat if need be and ingredients that you can grab from gas stations. Here’s a quick recipe we like that you can make anywhere. You will need…

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Rum
  • Semi-ripe bananas

It doesn’t matter what sort of ice cream or rum you use, but the better the quality, the better the treat will be.

Start by peeling the banana and slicing it down the middle, like a banana split. Place it in a bowl, and place three scoops of ice cream down the center. Now pour about a half cup of rum over the top of the dessert, and here’s the fun part, light it on fire. You want to light a stick or piece of twisted paper in order to light the rum to keep any chemicals, butane or sulfur out of the mixture.

You only need to light it for a second. If it doesn’t burn out right away, you can cover it with a bigger bowl, turned upside down, or a plate in order to suffocate the flames.

The end result is an ice cream flambe that has a sort of caramel flavor.

We recommend something to dip in the rum and the ice cream as it melts. Biscotti, angel food cake, pound cake and even plain white toast are all a great idea for dipping.

You obviously do not want to prepare this recipe in an enclosed space, so it’s a good idea to park and roll down the window before you light the rum on fire. You can also try variations like butter pecan ice cream and flavored rums. When looking for a park for your RV New York and other big cities might be tricky, but there are at least going to be plenty of parking lots where you can stop and prepare a snack.

The flames make the treat more delicious, but they also provide a bit of a show. It’s not just cooking, it’s an event.


Breakfasts of the Month


For those that enjoy the RV lifestyle and camping in general, there are a variety of campfire friendly recipes that are tasty for breakfast. These three are all great choices.

Potato Bacon Wrap

  • Bacon
  • Potatoes
  • Garlic Salt
  • Onion Slices

Take foil and put two layers of bacon on top of it, keeping away from the sides of the foil. Next slice the potatoes and place on the bacon, covering with the garlic salt and onion slices. Put another layer of foil and pinch the sides around so that it is sealed. Put a hole in the top to vent out the steam that will occur. Place on grill top in the fire, or on the coals themselves. When bacon is done everything will be ready to eat.

Fire-Fried Biscuits

  • Can of biscuits
  • 1/2 stick butter

Place about a teaspoon of the butter in the pan and melt. Biscuits will need to be cut in half and then place in the pan. After five minutes in the fire, turn the biscuits over for another five minutes of cooktime.

Hungry Morning Scramble

  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 T oil
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1/2 onion
  • 5 eggs
  • 1/3 lb ground sausage
  • 1/2 cup cheese

This one requires a bit of planning. Before you leave for your camping trip, dice the potatoes and the onion. Put them in containers. Mince up the garlic and shred the cheese and also put in containers. At the campsite you will add oil to the skillet that is over the fire. Cook up the potatoes until brown and then add the onions and color. Put in the sausage and make sure you keep it broken up in the pan. Add eggs and mix them throughout. Cover with cheese after the eggs have cooked. Spoon out to plates to eat.

If you are interested in browsing an RV dealership New York has many great choices. RV ownership is one step closer to campfire breakfasts and starry nights. There is nothing like getting away from the day to day grind and relaxing in a great park or other secluded locale. RV enthusiasts already know this, what are you waiting for?


2013 Unit Highlight — Forest River Wildcat 293Rex

When you’re planning to travel and live on the road, you want as much beauty, comfort and space as you can afford. The 29 foot 2013 Forest River Wildcat 293REX fits the bill at just under $38,000 for the fully equipped touring edition with polar package. It features fiberglass siding, ladders, one-touch power awning for hot sunny locations, electric stabilizer jacks, pass through slam baggage storage, spare tire and an outdoor kitchen in addition to the full indoor kitchen. The one-piece seamless rubber roof has a 12 year warranty so you don’t ever have to worry about leaks or water damage. These are just the outside features on a luxurious fifth wheel that weighs just 8510 pounds.

The Wildcat has an open floor plan with a Pebble Beach interior that includes a very large pantry for a fifth wheel. The well-appointed open kitchen has a convenient kitchen island, fridge and freezer, plenty of counter, cabinet and drawer space, 3-burner stove, oven and microwave. There’s a large 2-bowl sink with high-rise faucet, and the pop up counter and overhead cabinets provide an extra work surface and storage space.

The living/dining room has opposing slides to provide the space and comfort you need in your home away from home with a u-shaped dinette, large sofa sleeper with air mattress and large storage drawer underneath. The back wall displays the fireplace with an LCD TV behind it and more overhead storage. You’ll be comfortable with two or ten people in this spacious, feature-packed area.

Creature comforts in the fully-equipped bathroom include a corner shower with skylight, sink, cupboard, linen closet, medicine cabinet and foot flush toilet. There are two convenient entrances, one from the hallway and one from the master bedroom. The roomy master bedroom has an LCD TV, and nightstands on both sides of the queen bed. More features include pleated shades, an AM/FM CD/DVD player and heat and air.

This lightweight model fifth wheel is as attractive as it is roomy, convenient, comfortable and affordable. Whether you’re new to life on the road, are planning to downsize, or are upgrading from an older model, you just can’t go wrong with this 2013 Wildcat 293REX. Jim’s RV Center is the place to make your new RV New York purchase.