Customizing Your RV

You can customize your RV in many different ways, from adding storage accessories to decorating the interior and exterior. Adding storage accessories gives you more storage space when you know how to use it.

Storage Customization

Stop by Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York to pick up storage accessories to increase storage. You can pick up a coffee maker that hangs under the overhead cabinets. This not only saves counter space, but keeps the coffee maker from flying off the counter. Cabinet door hangers allow you to add holders for foil and baggies, trash cans and more. Spice racks free up cabinet space or drawer space. Tissue and paper towel holders keep those items off the counter tops – and off the floor.

Interior Decorating

To make your RV feel more like home, add pictures to the walls, a throw rug in the living area, a clock to match the décor, or even a door mat. If you put the door mat on the inside, you can keep the carpets and floors cleaner since the mat will help take the dirt off the bottom of your shoes.

Change light socket covers to decorative covers. Add different light shades. Move a television from a stand to a wall mount. You can do several things to decorate the interior. If you camp during the holidays, keep a tub with seasonal decorations so that you can decorate the interior for each appropriate season.

Exterior Decorating

It’s always nice to have people look at your RV and comment on how different you made it. Hanging lights on the awning, using a shoe caddy for storing outdoor grilling accessories, rolling out outdoor carpet under the awning all change the way the exterior of the RV looks. Use appropriate lighting for different seasons. In the summer, you may want to hang a string of white lights or party lights. In the fall, you may want to hang orange lights. And of course, over the Christmas holidays, hang Christmas lights.

Keep your seasonal décor in different tubs for each season. This way, you can pack it in the attic or garage and bring only what you need. If you travel in the RV year ‘round, you can pack the separate tubs in the basement storage or under-bed storage in the RV. Stop by Jim’s RV Center today to pick up all of your accessories and storage items.