Customizing Your RV

You can customize your RV in many different ways, from adding storage accessories to decorating the interior and exterior. Adding storage accessories gives you more storage space when you know how to use it.

Storage Customization

Stop by Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York to pick up storage accessories to increase storage. You can pick up a coffee maker that hangs under the overhead cabinets. This not only saves counter space, but keeps the coffee maker from flying off the counter. Cabinet door hangers allow you to add holders for foil and baggies, trash cans and more. Spice racks free up cabinet space or drawer space. Tissue and paper towel holders keep those items off the counter tops – and off the floor.

Interior Decorating

To make your RV feel more like home, add pictures to the walls, a throw rug in the living area, a clock to match the décor, or even a door mat. If you put the door mat on the inside, you can keep the carpets and floors cleaner since the mat will help take the dirt off the bottom of your shoes.

Change light socket covers to decorative covers. Add different light shades. Move a television from a stand to a wall mount. You can do several things to decorate the interior. If you camp during the holidays, keep a tub with seasonal decorations so that you can decorate the interior for each appropriate season.

Exterior Decorating

It’s always nice to have people look at your RV and comment on how different you made it. Hanging lights on the awning, using a shoe caddy for storing outdoor grilling accessories, rolling out outdoor carpet under the awning all change the way the exterior of the RV looks. Use appropriate lighting for different seasons. In the summer, you may want to hang a string of white lights or party lights. In the fall, you may want to hang orange lights. And of course, over the Christmas holidays, hang Christmas lights.

Keep your seasonal décor in different tubs for each season. This way, you can pack it in the attic or garage and bring only what you need. If you travel in the RV year ‘round, you can pack the separate tubs in the basement storage or under-bed storage in the RV. Stop by Jim’s RV Center today to pick up all of your accessories and storage items.


Cheap RV Living – RVing on a Budget

bunchofpants/Flickr Creative Commons

When you decide to live in your RV and travel, you are making a huge change in lifestyle. You won’t be able to have a lot of the things you have in your home since space is limited. Furthermore, while it is cheaper to live in an RV since you have less utilities and no mortgage payment, you do still have to pay some utilities and fuel costs, and you may have a payment on your RV. Always keep your RV in good condition by having it serviced at Jim’s RV Center.


Since you provide your own electricity via generator, you’ll definitely save on that bill; however, you must take into consideration the cost of gas for the generator and the cost of adding amenities to a camp site. You can decrease the cost of electricity by making sure all lights and electronics that are not being used are turned off. You should also turn off the generator if you are not using any electronics.

When possible, open windows instead of using the air conditioning unit or the heat. While the furnace does run on propane, the fan uses electricity. Turn off the hot water heater unless you need it – if you turn it on about 20 minutes before your shower or before you do the dishes, you’ll have plenty of hot water.


Plan your travel ahead of time. Each night, know where you are going to be driving the next day. Use some of the apps like Gas Buddy to find out where you can find the cheapest gas in your area. You definitely don’t want to drive too far out of your way or your savings are wasted. Top off if you need to – and be sure you top off the cans for the generator.

Dry Camp

Dry camp when you can. You can always find water to fill up the tanks. Many dealerships and national campgrounds have disposals so you can empty your holding tanks. It’s a good idea to fill the water tank and empty the holding tanks whenever you come across a fee-free place to do this as you never know when you’ll be able to get it for free the next time.

Of course, always keep your RV serviced and maintained. Your RV will last longer and get better fuel mileage if you keep it maintained. When you are in the area, stop by Jim’s RV Center to have your RV serviced, including oil changes if you are driving a motorized RV.


Tailgating Tips for your RV

Brood_wich/Flickr Creative Commons

Football season is here, and that means tailgating season is right with it. If you want to bring your RV for tailgating – a brilliant idea, by the way – you need to pack it up for the game. If the game is local, packing is a bit different than packing for a long trip. If the game is not a local game, then you need to pack as you would for a road trip.


You’ll need enough folding lawn chairs for everyone who will be at your tailgate party, assuming they will be riding with you in the RV. If not, you can save space by having them bring their own chairs. Have some extra ice trays in the freezer. You can turn the fridge/freezer on to keep the ice frozen, plus you’ll have the ability to make more for after the game. Additional accessories include a grill big enough to accommodate food for everyone, a table and coolers full of your favorite brewskies. You can pick up most accessories that you’ll need at Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York.

Packing it Right

While you will only need food for a day if you are going to a local game, you might need more than what will fit in a smaller RV fridge. If your RV has a residential fridge, then you don’t have much to worry about. However, if you have a smaller fridge, make things like salads ahead of time. You can pack those in the fridge.

Pack the ribs, burgers and hot dogs in a cooler full of ice. You don’t want the meat to be completely frozen when you put it in the coolers as it won’t thaw in time, even for a night game. Take it out of the freezer the night before and let it thaw for about an hour on the counter, then finish thawing in the fridge (overnight). The ice in the cooler will keep it cold enough the next day.

Pack the coolers in the outside storage under the RV in case the ice water starts to leak. You can pack the other stuff inside the RV if it’s anything that can’t get wet. Tables and other items that dry easily can be packed with the coolers. Chairs with nylon or other material for seats should be packed away from the coolers.

Stop by Jim’s RV Center to pick up grilling accessories and other accessories you might need for a tailgating party – and don’t forget to fill the water tanks and close the caps to the black and gray water tanks before you go.