Add this To Your Must Haves…Medical Alert Flag for RVers

Have you ever wondered how fast an ambulance or medical team would be able to find you in campground loaded with RVs or what if you’re in the middle of nowhere?  If you’re an RVer with any type of medial issue, a medial alert flag will help to identify you that much quicker!

After Shirley had open-heart surgery, she was concerned about how Emergency Medical crews would be able to find her quickly if “we were camping out in the middle of nowhere.”

Shirley says she did a lot research and couldn’t find any medical alert flags anywhere. “So I made one.”

After talking with a number of RVers, she thought others who had medical concerns might be interested and decided to make the flags available for $20 which includes a storage tube, ID label and shipping.

For information about how to order the flag go to, or contact Shirley by email at: [Women RVers]

Medical condition or not we think this is a great addition for any RV, travel trailer, pop-up or fifth-wheel.  And it might be especially handy if you have children that camp with you as well.  What are some of your RVing safety must-haves?


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