All About the Appalachian Trail

The 2,190-mile-long Appalachian Trail is known as one of the greatest hiking tails in the world. The trail, dating back to the 1920s, spans from Georgia to Maine and passes through 14¬†states along the way. For hikers who are seeking the ultimate challenge, or day trippers who just want a taste of one of the world’s most famous trails, the Appalachian Trail is the place to be.

Trail Details

Part of the Appalachian Trail’s greatness is in the numbers. Roughly 3 million hikers visit the trail at one point or another every year, and the highest point has been noted as Clingman’s Dome in Tennessee. The dome stands 6,643-feet high.

Those who want to hike the trail in its entirety should plan on spending five to seven months cruising along the carefully marked path. However, Andrew Thompson blazed through the trail in 2005 with a record-setting time of just 47 days, 13 hours and 31 minutes.

Finding Your Way

Whether you choose to tackle the trail in day trips or as part of a much longer journey, you’ll be happy to see that the trail is well-marked. White blazes, 2-inches by 6-inches in size, mark the trail along the way. There are also more than 250 campgrounds and shelters along the route, so wherever you travel along the trail, it’s likely there’s a place to rest nearby.

Staying Safe

The Appalachian Trail is known as a safe place to hike. The greatest wildlife dangers along the trail are Copperhead snakes, the Eastern Timber Rattlesnake¬†and the American Black Bear. Mosquito and tick repellant is necessary to prevent harm from the woodland ticks, which are also common. Other Appalachian Trail wildlife varies greatly based on where you’re traveling, but there’s no doubt that photo-worthy wildlife sightings will take place along your journey.

Make an RV Your Home Base

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