Healthy Living While On The Road New York! Part 1 of 2

As a full-time RVer or even as someone who goes camping during the summer season, it’s important to stay healthy even while away from home or on the road. Camping and road travel seem to go hand in hand with lazy days and snack food, a combination that may not be the healthiest. RVing also means hot dogs, s’mores and sitting around campfires. You can still stick to your healthy habits even if living on the road or camping. The following 10 tips can help you keep up your healthy lifestyle.

1. When it comes to your food, you can still eat healthy while on the road. Shop at and eat local farm stands, farmers markets or farms and orchards. Try to avoid buying mostly packaged and prepared foods and try cooking and making your own using fresh local ingredients. Also, make the preparation of your meals family time and have everyone pitch in.
2. Make sure that you drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Check that the your campground water source or water tank is safe to drink from and if you have doubts filter the water before drinking it or drink bottled water.
3. Wash your hands often. Always wash them before you eat and after going to public places where you touch shopping carts, handles, and handle cash and change, as these places tend to carry lots of germs. You can also carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer for when you do not have access to soap and water.
4. Follow the same cleaning procedures as you would at home when washing dishes, cleaning up after meals and storing food. Wash all cooking and eating utensils and cleans all cooking and eating surfaces with sanitizing wipes.
5. When enjoying the outdoors, remember to always put on a sunblock of at least 15 SPF. Re-apply often if swimming or sweating. Make sure to wear a hat to protect your face, ears, neck and head from the sun and sunglasses to keep the sun’s strong rays out of your eyes.

By following the above tips, you can help to keep you and your family healthy while vacationing or full-time RVing, even during the holidays. And for more health tips, visit Don’t forget to visit your local New York new and used RV dealer, Jim’s RV, for the best selection around.


The Winter Months And Frostbite New York!

The freezing temperatures of winter can bring with it some scary and severe complications from the cold. Generally, when you think of frostbite you may think of extreme sports such as mountain climbing or unexpectedly getting stuck in the cold for an extended amount of time and not being prepared for it. However, you can be at risk anytime you are exposed to temperatures below freezing.

Whenever you are in below freezing temperatures you can be at risk of frostbite. Generally, it affects your extremities including fingers and toes and hands and feet. However, it can also affect your nose, ears, cheeks, forehead and shins as these areas are generally exposed to the cold and they do not have as much blood circulating to keep them warm. You are also at an increased risk of frostbite in higher altitudes due to the cold temperature, hypoxia or reduced oxygen intake while breathing and dehydration from the drier atmosphere. Frostbite is considered a medical emergency due to the destruction of your tissues. You can take steps to prevent frostbite, especially if you will be RVing in the cold temperatures this winter.

• Protect any skin that is exposed to temperatures either at or below freezing. If it is cold enough your flesh can freeze, whether hiking, skiing or snowmobiling.
• Keep your clothing dry. Wet clothing does not protect your skin.
• Keep moving in cold temperatures. Physical exertion keeps the blood pumping and warming your body.
• Make sure you stay well nourished to give your body the fuel it needs to keep you warm.
• Stay hydrated. If you become dehydrated, your blood thickens and will not circulate as well.
• Cover all parts of your body including your head, ears and hands. You can also use neck warmers and hand and foot warmers to help keep you warm.
• Pack extra socks, gloves, boots, hats and other items in case those you are wearing get wet.

Follow the above recommendations when you head out this winter in your Used New York RV. For more information visit And if you need any help keeping your New York RV warm too, visit your local New York new and used RV dealer, Jim’s RV!


National Parks Free Entrance Days For 2013 New York!

As 2012 will soon come to a close, you may be looking ahead at 2013 and thinking of when and where you will be going for family vacations and New York RV trips. It’s never too soon to start your planning and you may want to consider the National Parks free entrance days when deciding what to do.

The 2013 free entrance dates to national parks around the country include the following:

• January 21 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
• April 22-26 – National Park Week
• August 25 – National Park Service Birthday
• September 28 – National Public Lands Day
• November 9-11 – Veterans Day Weekend

Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior had this to say about the free entrance days:

“Our national parks, wildlife refuges, forests and other public lands offer every American a place to get outdoors, learn about our nation’s history and culture, and restore our spirits…By providing free admission, we are rolling out the welcome mat for Americans to visit and enjoy these extraordinary treasures that belong to all of us.”

However, these aren’t the only days that are free when visiting your national parks. Were you aware that 265 of the 398 national parks around the country never charge an entrance fee? If you would like to visit more than one national during one of your trips, you can purchase an annual pass for $80. This includes entrance to all national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests and other Federal lands totaling more than 2,000. Named the America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass, it is free to all active duty military members and their dependents.

For more information on the National parks free entrance days and the America the Beautiful annual pass, visit And visit us at your local New York RV dealer, Jim’s RV, and let us know which is your favorite national park!


The Top 10 National Parks To Take Your Kids To New York! Part 2 of 2

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Our last post covered the first 5 of 10 national parks that has recommended for kids. They surveyed 56 national parks and ranked them based on fun children’s programs, trails suitable for small children, safety record, staffing, and air quality, accommodations and comfort factors. The following five are the remaining top parks that made the cut.

6. Mount Rainier National Park – Ashford, WA
Mount Rainier is 235,625 acres of waterfalls, glaciers and rain forest. There are 10 family friendly trails with one of those being stroller friendly. The park also hosts over 600 campsites, two hotels and 58 changing stations.
7. Great Basin National Park – Baker, NV
77,180 acres occupy this park, with 10 family friendly trails. Great Basin National Park runs the Great Basin for Kids program where they can learn all about the parks, flowers, trees and insects. Some of those trees are 4,000-5,000 year old Great Basin Bristlecone Pine tress.
8. Mesa Verde National Park – Mesa Verde, CO
Mesa Verde National Park features 52,122 acres including five family friendly trails, two of which are stroller accessible. The park is also home to the largest selection of Pueblo structures and dwellings in the world.
9. Denali National Park & Preserve – Denali Park, AK
Denali national park & Preserve is by far the largest park on the list. With 6.1 million acres, this park and preserve features eight family-friendly trails all of which are stroller friendly. Denali national park & Preserve also offers amazing views of Mt. McKinley, which is the highest peak in North America.
10. Yosemite National Park – Yosemite, CA
The last park on our list, Yosemite, features748, 000 acres of park with three stroller and family friendly trails. There are several activities to do and see for kids and adults alike including waterfalls, a Junior Rangers program and skiing during the winter.

For more information on the remaining parks reviewed, visit You can view all that the parks have to offer and see which one best suites you and your family. And visit your local new and used New York RV dealer, Jim’s RV, for your selection of RV’s to take on your next family vacation to one of these national parks.


The Top 10 National Parks To Take Your Kids To New York! Part 1 of 2

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Whenever you set out in your RV on a family vacation in can be difficult to figure out the right place to go. You probably have a checklist of what you want to do and see. And depending on how many members of your family there are, that can be quite a long list. Of course you will want several types of activities that will satisfy everyone, a kid-friendly place and somewhere that has a good reputation among others. surveyed 56 national parks and ranked them based on fun children’s programs, trails suitable for small children, safety record, staffing, and air quality, accommodations and comfort factors. The following are those that made the cut.

1. Grand Teton National Park – Moose, WY
This park features 310,00 total acre, with 25 family friendly trails, three of which are stroller-accessible. Some of the sites not to miss include 13,770 foot mountain, blue glaciers and more than 300 bird species.
2. Lassen Volcanic National Park – Mineral, CA
106,000 acres occupy this park, with 10 family friendly trails and four are stroller friendly. Lassen Volcanic Park features 13 kid’s programs as well as several activities for the whole family including biking, boating, horseback riding and kayaking.
3. Voyageurs National Park – International Falls, MN
Voyageurs National Park features 218,000 acres and five family friendly trails. Three of these have portions that are stroller accessible. If water is what you are looking for this park has it. There are more than 80,000 acres of water and only 10 miles of road which, features several glacier-carved lakes. If you are a water loving family this is the park for you.
4. Rocky Mountain National Park – Estes Park, CO
Estes Park is a pretty well known name and this park features 265,769 acres of park and 25 family friendly trails. Wildlife viewing is a great activity here where you can spy elk, mule deer, moose and coyote.
5. Big Bend National Park – Near Marathon, TX
With 801,163 acres and five family friendly trails, this is the biggest park on the list so far. This is one of the least crowded national parks and features float trips down the Rio Grande, over 70 species of cacti and over 450 species of birds.

For more information on each of these national parks visit and see, which best suites you and your family. And visit your local new and used New York RV dealer, Jim’s RV, for your selection of RV’s for your next family vacation.


Stargazing In The Night Sky New York!

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As we were camping over the weekend we were fortunate enough to be camping the night of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. This meteor shower occurs every year in either late July or early August. The sky was aglow with stars as we were far from the city lights. And the “shooting stars” that lit up the sky as they flew across were magical. It was quite a sight to witness several streaks appear and then just as quickly disappear as the stars fell from above.

Stargazing can be a wonderful activity to participate in when you are on camping trip. It is something peaceful, fun and exciting that the whole family can participate in. As adults get quite a thrill from these “shooting stars,” children are sure to be even more entertained. The following information will help to make your stargazing experience one to remember.

Imagine that by stargazing you are able to see most of the 88 constellations, depending on the time of year, which the sky is divided into. Also, on a clear and moonless night, you can view 1,000 or more stars in the sky. In addition to this, you can also see five of the solar systems eight planets, some star clusters, a spiral galaxy and an occasional bright comet.

Camping is the perfect spot to stargaze as the ideal setting is far from the lights of the city in the darkness of the outdoors. If you happen to be camping on a moonless night this is even better as you can see meteors and the Milky Way.

All you really need to enjoy the illuminated night sky is your own two eyes. The next best piece of equipment would be a good pair of binoculars. You can get a nice pair at a relatively inexpensive price, which are very portable will help magnify the sky. They will also come in handy when trying to find a single star in a very crowded area.

For more information about stargazing on your next camping adventure, visit And visit your local new and used RV dealer in Nichols, NY, Jim’s RV, for the best selection in RV’s!


Sun Safety Tips New York!


We all love summer and the sun!  However, as you enjoy all the fun summer fun activities with your family while RVing it is important to keep them safe and happy!

Here are some basic heat safety tips that you and your family should strive to follow:

  1. Drink cool water to avoid dehydration.  In the hot summer sun it is smart to drink water continuously in small amounts.  About 1 cup every 20 minutes is ideal.  Do not drink liquids with dehydrating caffeine, alcohol, or heavy amounts of sugar.
  2. Dress appropriately.  Lightweight, loose fitted, light colored clothing is best for staying cool.
  3. Protect your skin from the sun.  Wear hats and waterproof/sweat proof, broad-spectrum sunscreen with a SPH of over 15–reapply throughout the day!  Sunburns make it hard for your body to dissipate heat.
  4. Wear sunglasses.  Protect your eyes from the sun’s intense rays!
  5. Avoid exercising and strenuous activities in the heat of the day, especially between 11am and 3pm.
  6. Move into an air-conditioned place or take a bath or shower to cool off.
  7. Eat small meals and eat more often.  Avoid high protein foods.
  8. If outdoors, take frequent breaks from your activities to cool off.
  9. Get trained in first aid and know the signs of heat related emergencies.
  10. If signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration occur take prompt action and seek emergency medical attention  immediately.

Remember to follow these tips and stop by Jim’s RV for all your RV needs to have a safe, fun filled summer!

To get more tips on how to beat the heat, visit:


Be A River-Friendly Camper Nichols, New York!

Whenever you are looking for a place to park your new camper or new RV from your Nichols, NY RV dealer, many people consider the ideal locale to be next to or near a body of water. After all it is calming, stress free and a sweet escape. Whether it’s a lake, river or ocean, there are certain guidelines we should follow as campers in order to help keep our waters safe and clean.

Stay Out of Closed/Blocked-Off Campsites
If a campsite location that you would like to camp at is blocked off, respect these closures. If you come across a fence, log or boulder restricting access to an area leave it alone. These have been placed there for a reason, to protect the habitat. If you have any questions regarding a closure, contact the local ranger station.

Stay at least 200 Feet from the water bank
For your safety and to protect the waters, please stay at least 200 feet away from the water’s edge. Parking or camping too close to the water can cause changes in the habitat by impacting soil and vegetation. Also the soil can be unstable and cause your vehicle to sink or get stuck. Be respectful of water areas and use common sense when traveling near them. In order to keep coming back, we need to take care of our environment.

Fires can be safe
Fires while camping don’t have to be a problem. With proper use a fire can be a fun and relaxing way to keep warm or cook. Remember to check local fire restrictions prior to starting your fire. When it comes time to leave the campsite make sure to properly extinguish the fire to avoid accidental wildfires. If you are not familiar with how to maintain or extinguish a campfire consult a professional and avoid starting one until you have done so.

The next time you take your new or used camper or RV out, remember these simple guidelines. And don’t forget to stop by Jim’s RV for the latest selection in Jayco, Fleetwood, and Coleman.


Nichols, NY Family Fun in your RV

This year you’ve decided to take a road trip with the entire family in your new 2011 Fleetwood Discovery. While it comes with some of the latest and greatest in amenities, undoubtedly the kids will at some point decide that they are bored and they will definitely let you know. They will grow tired of watching a movie or playing their video game, and you’ve decided that you want to limit those type of activities so that your family can enjoy interacting with one another while on this road trip. So how in the world will you fill the time?

I have  come up with a list that provides a mixture of some old tried and true classic road trip games as well as some new ones that the entire family is sure to enjoy. A good game, makes the miles fly by!


COUNTING COWS: Play as individuals or teams. First, decide on a destination where you will stop counting. Then, count the cows on your side of the road. The goal is to have the highest number when the destination is reached. Pass a cemetery on your side and you have to start over again. If there aren’t any cows on your route, try counting red cars, mailboxes or phone booths.

TWENTY QUESTIONS: One player thinks of a famous person, place or thing. Everyone else gets to ask the player 20 questions, which must be answered “yes” or “no.” For example, “Does it know how to read?” is a valid question, but “What’s its favorite book?” is not. Whoever guesses correctly gets a turn to think up something.

GEOGRAPHY: Start with any place in the world–Kansas, for example. The next person has to think of a place that begins with the last letter of “Kansas,” such as “South Africa.” Whoever goes next needs a place that starts with an A. You may not use the same place twice in a game–and it has to be a real place.

A IS FOR ARMADILLO: Starting with A, each person tries to be the first to spot and name three items beginning with that letter. For example, the first to see and announce “armadillo, auto and apple” gets to choose the next letter.

ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS: Two players each put one hand behind their backs. Each person turns that hand into a scissors, using the index and middle fingers; or paper, by holding the hand flat with the fingers straight; or a rock, by making a fist. Both players say “One, two, three,” and show their hands. The scissors beats paper because it cuts paper. Paper wins over rock because it can wrap up the rock. And rock beats scissors because it makes them blunt.

LICENSE PLATE ID: See how many different states you can identify on license plates.

LICENSE PLATE LINGO: The goal of this game is to come up with a phrase using the letters on another car’s plate. So if you see the plate LMT 823, the first person to call out a somewhat logical phrase such as “Love me tender” or “Lost my tooth” earns a point.

ODDS, EVENS: Two players pick either “odds” or “evens.” Then they make a fist, shake it, say, “One, two, three…shoot,” and stick out one or two fingers. If the total is an odd number, the player who picked odds wins. Same goes for evens.

What are some of your favorite games to play on RV road trips?


Nichols, NY RVers Staying Fit

Keeping up with healthy habits while traveling in your Jim’s RV can be difficult.  Being on the road doesn’t mean you have to abandon your healthy eating habits and fitness routines. In fact, keeping fit during travels can be relatively simple with a little planning.  A few compact and convenient pieces of equipment can do wonders. But you already have the most important equipment you need, your own bodyweight. Bodyweight exercises can be done at anytime and anywhere. They are not time consuming, and above all, are effective.

Make sure you stop every couple hours to give yourself some fresh air, stretch sore muscles, and get your blood pumping on those days dedicated strictly to traveling. Cardio exercises is one tried and true way of staying in shape. Jumping rope,  jumping jacks, jogging or brisk walks, swimming, hiking, bike riding, Yoga or Tai Chi, perhaps even renting a pedal boat are just a few ways to raise the heart rate and keep the energy flowing. Be adventurous and creative in your fitness. Moving around is much better than not doing anything, and you’d be surprised at how many calories you can burn while enjoying yourself.

Making sure that your core is strong can have a very positive effect on the rest of your body. Abdominal exercises can be done almost anywhere without any equipment at all. Rather than doing traditional and reverse crunches which can strain your neck and back, instead, try doing bicycle crunches or vertical leg raises. These options have been proven to be more effective without risking injury.

There is no shortage of lower body exercises that require no equipment whatsoever. To keep your blood pumping and muscles toned try squats and lunges. This also increases leg strength and stamina. Tuck jumps, squat jumps, and side jumps can be done with or without props and use  many muscles of the body to get your heart rate going. These are great ways to gain power and keep stubborn fat away.

Just be creative in your fitness endeavors. You don’t have to do the same workout day in and day out to be healthy. Find unique and fun ways to get your heart rate up. Of course, any fitness you do will be in vain if you do not pair it with healthy eating and sleeping habits. Don’t deprive yourself of the local fare, but do not overindulge yourself either. Keep your new or used RV in Nichols, NY stocked with quick, healthy snacks in single servings so that you are not tempted to buy fast food while on the road. And make sure you are getting adequate sleep.

What are you favorite exercises to do while on the road?