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When you are in the market for an RV keep your eyes open for specials. You can save thousands on an RV whether you are looking for a Class A, Class C, travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler. If a Nichols, New York dealer doesn’t have the floor plan you are looking for on special this week, keep checking back – eventually, you’ll find something that is perfect.

This week, Jim’s RV Center has several RVs with special Internet pricing. Browse through our web page for a complete list of Internet specials. Click the Special Internet Price button for the RVs you are interested in and stop by to walk through the floor plans.

2014 Fleetwood Storm 28MS

This 28-foot Class A gas RV is perfect for a couple or a small family. This newer Ford features a 6.8-liter engine with 562 miles on it; a blushing bronze interior and fiberglass exterior. It has one slide and sleeps up to four people.

Additional features include a black electric awning, exterior entertainment center, a rear ladder for roof access, side view camera package, glass shower door, dual glazed windows, an entertainment center with home theater system and four-point Ford automatic hydraulic levelers.

2004 Americamp 305DS

This 30-foot fifth wheel features a rear living room and two slides in the rear. One slide contains the free-standing dinette and the jackknife sofa; the other slide features the kitchen. This RV sleeps up to four people and features a queen bedroom. Additional features include a 13.5 BTU roof air conditioning unit, an 8 cubic-foot fridge a 6-gallon LP/electric/DSI water heater, microwave oven, a 27-inch television in the front entertainment center, home theater, stabilizer jacks, electric front jacks, a 15-foot awning, roof ladder and outside shower.

2008 Palomino Sabre 31REDS

The 2008 Palomino Sabre 31REDS fifth wheel model features plenty of space. This 31-footer features two slides and sleeps up to four people. Features include a 13.5 BTU roof air conditioning unit, a 10-gallon DSI water heater, 8 cubic-foot fridge, 26-inch LCD television in the living area, microwave, stabilizer jacks, electric front jacks, two 30-pound LP bottles, an 18-foot awning, power vent, day/night shades, a rear lounge and an exterior shower.

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Cheap RV Living – RVing on a Budget

bunchofpants/Flickr Creative Commons

When you decide to live in your RV and travel, you are making a huge change in lifestyle. You won’t be able to have a lot of the things you have in your home since space is limited. Furthermore, while it is cheaper to live in an RV since you have less utilities and no mortgage payment, you do still have to pay some utilities and fuel costs, and you may have a payment on your RV. Always keep your RV in good condition by having it serviced at Jim’s RV Center.


Since you provide your own electricity via generator, you’ll definitely save on that bill; however, you must take into consideration the cost of gas for the generator and the cost of adding amenities to a camp site. You can decrease the cost of electricity by making sure all lights and electronics that are not being used are turned off. You should also turn off the generator if you are not using any electronics.

When possible, open windows instead of using the air conditioning unit or the heat. While the furnace does run on propane, the fan uses electricity. Turn off the hot water heater unless you need it – if you turn it on about 20 minutes before your shower or before you do the dishes, you’ll have plenty of hot water.


Plan your travel ahead of time. Each night, know where you are going to be driving the next day. Use some of the apps like Gas Buddy to find out where you can find the cheapest gas in your area. You definitely don’t want to drive too far out of your way or your savings are wasted. Top off if you need to – and be sure you top off the cans for the generator.

Dry Camp

Dry camp when you can. You can always find water to fill up the tanks. Many dealerships and national campgrounds have disposals so you can empty your holding tanks. It’s a good idea to fill the water tank and empty the holding tanks whenever you come across a fee-free place to do this as you never know when you’ll be able to get it for free the next time.

Of course, always keep your RV serviced and maintained. Your RV will last longer and get better fuel mileage if you keep it maintained. When you are in the area, stop by Jim’s RV Center to have your RV serviced, including oil changes if you are driving a motorized RV.


Road Tripping On A Budget

When you want take a road trip you have to figure out what it’s going to cost – from getting the RV ready to groceries to gas – and gas is going to be the biggest expense. If you can manage to cut some expenses out, you’ll have more money for gas so that you can get where you want to go instead of choosing a place you won’t enjoy.

Check your RV before you go – make sure everything is working properly. It is cheaper to make an appointment for repairs and service at Jim’s RV Center than it is to try to find a place on the road to get it fixed. Additional budget tips include:

  • Buy groceries before you go. Remove meats from their store packing and pack them into sealable baggies for the freezer. This will save you a lot of space, allowing you to pack more into the freezer. This way, you can buy the bulk family packs for less money.
  • Use dry goods you have at the house. Many people keep their RV stocked with dry goods they bought on sale; and then rotate them out with goods in the house before their expiration date. This works well since you can always find things on sale, whether the grocery store is offering BOGO or you have a coupon.
  • If you have a Walmart card, get your gas at Walmart – you can save significantly on a gallon of gas. In some cases, you can save up to $0.15 per gallon.
  • Check campground prices before you leave. If an area you are going to has more than one campground, you might choose the one with the lower price per night if it has the amenities you want, such as hiking, fishing, boating and swimming.
  • If your destination is more than a day’s drive away, camp overnight in a parking lot. Some places allow RVers to sleep overnight in their parking lots.
  • If you are boondocking, haul water once you get to your destination. A gallon weighs 8.34 pounds and 60 gallons of water really adds up. The heavier weight costs more in gas to haul to your destination.

Be sure to stop by Jim’s RV Center before you leave so that you can pick up anything you might need or to get your RV checked before you head out on the road.

Image by Peggy Davis via Flickr Creative Commons


Get Ready, Get Set, Roadtrip!

An RV trip could be the best time you’ve ever had or it could be a bit of a letdown, and it all depends on how you plan for the trip. While all trips – even a spontaneous weekend – take planning, longer trips require more planning.

The more planning you do, the less stress you will have on your trip, even if you are taking a long trip across the country. Finding places to camp, planning meals, and finding the cheapest gas are just part of planning for a stress-free trip. Be sure you visit Jim’s RV Center for service or for much-needed accessories.

Finding Places to Camp

If you must have hookups because you are not equipped to boondock or you prefer not to boondock, determine the length of time you will drive each day. Make reservations at RV parks for each day. If you are just traveling for a day, then staying at one destination for the whole trip, be sure to make reservations for the number of nights you will be staying. Finding an RV park after a day of traveling just adds unneeded stress to your trip.


2013 Fleetwood Discovery 40E Interior.


If you plan on camping in the woods or are planning on stopping just anywhere when you get tired of driving, be sure your water tanks are full, the gas tanks are full and the black and gray water tanks are empty. You may want to make a list of dump stations along the way on your trip. While you can go a few days without emptying the tanks, eventually they will fill and you won’t want to dampen your trip by spending hours locating a dump station – or a place to fill up with water or refill the propane tanks for that matter.


Plan your meals ahead of time. You can pack most groceries before you leave so that you don’t have to be bothered with grocery shopping once you arrive at your destination. If you are planning a long trip, you can start out with a week’s worth of groceries.


Plenty of room for groceries in this 2013 Fleetwood Discovery 40E!

RV Service

The worst thing that can happen is to have your RV break down on the way to your destination or on the way home. You’ll have to find a mechanic in a strange city. Instead of that worry, bring your RV into Jim’s RV Center to have it checked out before you leave. If this is your first trip of the season, our technicians can de-winterize your RV for you.


RV Décor for Summer


Whether you are on the road for long-term travel or you are taking your RV out for a long weekend, it’s always nice to decorate your RV for the summer. You might add party lights to the awning and find a great sign for the outside of your RV. You can choose something with your name on it or even something with a cute or sarcastic saying to use as a conversation starter. Stop by Jim’s RV Center to have your RV checked and to browse their RV accessories.

Inside, you can change a lot of things without actually remodeling the entire RV. Add a wall clock in the kitchen area. Choose something that is easy to match with new dish towels, oven mitts and other items that are often in view while you are in the kitchen. For example, if you go with a country rooster theme, you can find a rooster clock, towels with roosters, and other rooster décor.

In the living area, add window treatments. Most RVs have blinds, but don’t have colorful curtains. You can add a splash of color just by adding bright curtains or a valence to the windows.

Find a throw rug that adds a splash of color. These are always great if you put them by the door or in other high traffic areas. Not only do they look good and add something different, but they also keep that area from getting ground in dirt under the carpet.

Change the bedding for all the beds. Adding a colorful bedspread for the summer allows you to change a heavy spread to a lighter, summer-appropriate bed spread. And, it changes the look of the area. You can also add curtains or a valence to match the spread in the main sleeping area or in a bunk house.

If you have open wall space, add framed pictures of family members or places you’ve been. If you do this, you may want to remove the pictures from the walls when you are moving. If you already have hung photos, change the frames for a different look – or you can even change the photos from a winter scene to a summer scene. Each season you can change the look of the interior by changing the photos.

Stop by Jim’s RV Center before you leave or if you are in the area as part of your trip. We are always glad to see you even if you just stop in to say hello!


Choosing the Right RV for You

Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vickyfrank/3267044746/sizes/z/

Once the RV travel bug has bitten you, the idea of finding the right RV for your specific travel needs can be stressful. Some RVs are more suitable for families, some are more fuel-efficient and some are built for off-road adventurers. However you like to travel, the perfect motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or pop-up is out there waiting for you — you just need help finding it.

What Is Your Intended Use?

Before you start searching for Class A motorhomes, toy haulers or luxury fifth wheels, you’ll want to consider your plans for your RV lifestyle. Would you like to live in your RV full time? Do you like to take your motorcycle on your travels?

Depending on how many people you travel with, how much time you plan to spend in your RV, the type of campgrounds you intend to visit and how far you plan to drive, the style of RV that is perfect for you could be very different than your neighbor’s.

What Is Your Budget?

As with most big purchases, the RV you choose depends very much on your budget. This is where it becomes tricky to decide between a towable RV or a motorhome. If you decided to purchase a towable RV, you also need to consider the price of the vehicle needed to tow it. Similarly, some motorhomes are more fuel efficient than others, and a diesel engine can cost you more money upfront but save you big bucks on fuel down the road.

Let Us Help You

Here at Jim’s RV Center — your New York RV dealer — we know how to match you and your family with the RV that will suit your needs and exceed your expectations. You can rest assured that we’ll consider all of the best options for you and provide an incredible selection of new and used RVs for sale, so you can find the perfect balance between your budget and the lifestyle you desire.

Our staff has been awarded the “Customer Service Satisfaction” award 11 times by Fleetwood, and with over 170 years of combined sales experience, our goal is to get you off our lot and into your dream RV lifestyle today.

Photo by Vicky Frank (Flickr Creative Commons)


Valentine’s Day in New York

Red rose

Photo by blair_25 (Flickr Creative Commons)

With an RV at your disposal, every holiday can lead to a vacation filled with excitement, discovery, exploration, and romance, especially on Valentine’s Day.

At Jim’s RV Center, we’re here to make your travel dreams come true with a new or used RV in Nichols. Our inventory is impressive and there’s something for every style, experience level and budget. Get the most out of the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities around the Nichols area in comfort with that special someone.

Tioga Downs Casino

If you and your loved one want to spend the day, and evening, enjoying the upbeat excitement of a casino, make your way to Tioga Downs. On Valentine’s Day, play the games until your heart’s content then indulge in the Valentine’s Day Buffet. Stay over an extra day and see the Love Cruise Motown Show on Saturday, February 15. The Valentine’s Day Buffet will also be available.

Heron Hill Winery & Cafe

Located an hour and a half from Nichols in the Finger Lakes region and overlooking Keuka Lake, spend the afternoon sampling delicious wines along with freshly prepared dishes at the cafe. On February 15-16, continue the Valentine’s Day theme with the cheese and wine lovers event and discover new cheese dishes and savory wines.

Hunt Country Vineyards

Also overlooking Keuka Valley, Hunt Country Vineyards offers a full day of tickling the taste buds with specialty wine tastings paired with chocolates and cheeses, picnic area, and a gift shop where you can select a tasty souvenir. Take the informative winery tour or climb onboard a haywagon and tour the 50-acre vineyards.

Barstow House

Step back in time to a place of grace and elegance at the Barstow House built in 1823. The historic house is the perfect setting for a sumptuous meal prepared by the chef. Set amid an atmosphere of solid wood beans and polished hardwood floors, the ambiance is everything you could want along with exceptional service and made to order food. You’ll dine in comfort and style in this quaint, out of the way restaurant, while celebrating Cupid’s day.

Wherever the road may take you, Jim’s RV Center can get you there in style. Stop by and take a look at what’s available then head out with a well equipped RV and enjoy these romantic places for Valentine’s Day.


Living Full-Time in an RV is Easier than it Seems

Photo By: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rvwithtito/5604665359/sizes/z/

Photo by RVWithTito (Flickr Creative Commons)

Many campers buy RVs to save accommodation costs on weekend excursions and family vacations. After a few trips, a number of those buyers end up wanting to live full-time in their motorhome. Why? Because life on the road is exciting, adventurous and surprisingly comfortable.

Moving from a part-time RV enthusiast to living in your RV full time is easier than it seems, and it’s likely you’ll be happier with your life on the road than you were in your brick and mortar home.

Plan and Organize

Small preparations like making arrangements for mail pickup and changing your billing and banking to online options are necessary. Someone picking up your mail from a P.O. Box or street address every so often can save you from late fees on other types of bills (medical, taxes, etc.) You can often pay these bills online, but you may not receive notification that they are due.

In an increasingly online society, paying and receiving money are easy to do with an internet connection. Just make sure you have all of your accounts, passwords and preparations made before you hit the road.

Keep a Budget

Your expenses living an RV will be quite a bit different than those in your previous home, so keep a budget (at least in your first few years on the road) to get a better idea of how much you’re actually spending.

If you find out you’re overspending in some areas, such as costly camp sites, you’ll know to adjust your search and find cheaper accommodation.

Do It Now

What’s the biggest regret among travelers who took the plunge into full-time life on the road? That they didn’t do it sooner. You don’t have to be rich to be a full-time traveler, you just have to be wise about your budget when purchasing a vehicle and planning your travels. What are you waiting for?

Jim’s RV Center

The best way to get in an RV within your budget is at your local New York RV dealer — Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, N.Y. Come see our incredible inventory of affordable new and used RVs and don’t forget about us for all of your other RV parts and service needs too.



Traveling with Pets in an RV

At Jim’s RV Center, the staff has years of experience getting everyone – including furry and feathered friends – ready to go on adventures across the highways of America. Whether you choose to travel in a new or used travel trailer, fifth wheel, truck camper, or Class A or C, we’ll help get everyone to the vacation destination in style and comfort.

When traveling, there are certain necessary items to bring along and steps to take to ensure everyone onboard is entertained, comfortable, and secure. When traveling with pets, these same conditions apply plus a little extra since our faithful friends rely on us for everything.

For those new to traveling with pets or experienced pet providers, these tips can help make the trip the best it can be.


  • Maintain your dog’s regular walking routine plus a couple of extra to prevent accidents as traveling doesn’t mean your pup’s system will be accommodating.
  • Secure your dog in a metal crate that is itself secured so your pup isn’t sliding around the RV. In case of an accident, a metal carrier provides more protection than a lightweight carrier.
  • Provide ample water throughout the day and use non-spill food and water bowls.
  • Bring your pets favorite toys for entertainment.
  • Have your pet’s health information available, including the veterinarian’s name, address, phone number and any medications.
  • Do not rely on just a collar and standard leash when taking your dog outside the RV. Use a harness which is much sturdier than a leash and provides better control.
  • Do not change your dog’s food as this leads to upset stomachs. Stick with what he’s used to eating.


  • Cats are wily creatures, so be sure they are contained in a metal carrier. An open door to the outside is an invitation for kitty to escape.
  • If you let your cat out, put her in a separate room and secure the door and windows.
  • Use a carrier large enough to hold a small litter pan and a non-spill water/food bowl.
  • Bring a cover to place over the carrier if your cat is nervous or afraid.
  • Do not change the menu and have vet information readily available.

Make Jim’s RV Center your first stop before heading out of town for any necessary upgrades, services or accessories.


Safety Tips for Your Upcoming Road Trips

dangerous driving in the rain - tips

Photo by Woodley Wonder Works

Located one mile from Tioga Downs, Jim’s RV Center has 20 bays available for service and complimentary facilities for overnight customers with scheduled service calls. Before starting your next journey, make this the first stop to ensure your RV is safe and ready to roll.

With so many people enjoying the option of traveling the highways of America in motorhomes, fifth wheels, or pulling a travel trailer or folding camper – all available at Jim’s – the roadways can become a safety issue.

Check your list of safety tips before leaving home and consider adding any of these you might have overlooked.

  • To help keep your recreational vehicle secure and your things safe while sightseeing or hiking, install a dead bolt to RV doors.
  • Make sure smoke alarms and fire extinguisher are in working order.
  • Remove excess grease build-up from the kitchen’s cooking vent/hood.
  • Give a once over to towing or hitch equipment.
  • Schedule a service appointment to have belts, hoses, tires, lights, signals, brakes, engine, transmission, and battery checked.
  • Check all the wire coverings to ensure the plastic or rubber coating hasn’t been chewed by hungry rodents.
  • Always leave a copy of your travel itinerary with family or friends in case of an unforeseen emergency.
  • Keep a road atlas by your side and be aware of the clearance levels of any bridges, tunnels and overpasses along your travel route.
  • Be comfortable with the size and weight of your RV so you don’t attempt to cross trestle bridges or covered bridges that won’t accommodate the weight or height of your RV.
  • Do visual maintenance throughout the trip each time you stop for the night.
  • Never leave the RV unattended while cooking.
  • Don’t store ignitable items such as curtains or fabric blinds close to the stove or portable heaters.
  • Check that retractable steps and awnings are securely stored or put away before taking to the road.
  • Keep the weight inside the RV balanced and secure. Uneven weight distribution and things sliding around the interior can cause problems.
  • If your RV has been stored, check for any birds nests that may be blocking the flue.

Contact our friendly staff at Jim’s RV Center today and be on your way to a safe trip no matter what time of year you’re traveling.