New to You RVs

In the market for a new RV, but you don’t want to buy full price? Why not a new-to-you RV instead? Pre-owned models can be every bit as good as new models, but sell for much less. Get the most bang for your buck with one of these RVs, currently onsite at Jim’s RV Center.

2011 Monaco Vesta 32PBS


The 2011 Monaco Vesta 32PBS is a luxury model, available now for $99,000. This Class A Diesel only has 24,717 miles on it. It’s 32 feet long with a grey fiberglass exterior, tan interior, a road master engine, 1 slide-out, and can sleep 6 people.

2003 Northwood Nash 245N


The 2003 Northwood Nash 245N is a fifth wheel trailer, so you’ll need an appropriate towing vehicle. If you have one, this is a real bargain at $9,900. The unit is 24 feet long, has 1 slide-out, and sleeps 6 people.

1998 Fleetwood Bounder 32


The 1998 Fleetwood Bounder 32 is a Class A Gas that’s been gently used, clocking in only 47,698 miles. It’s 32 feet long, has a tan fiberglass exterior, blue interior, 1 slide-out, and can sleep 6 people. It’s in great condition, which makes the price tag of $26,900 very attractive for those who want a Class A on the cheap.

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Come by Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York, for RV sales, service, parts, and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a used or new RV, Jim’s RV Center has a large enough inventory to find whatever it is that’s right for you.


RVs with Travel Experience


If you are looking for an RV but want to get more RV for your money, stop by our showroom and walk through the several used models we have available. Whether you want a Class A, Class C, fifth wheel, travel trailer or a pop-up camper, we have several of each type.

We have several models that are under $10,000 for those on a tight budget, including a 2003 Keystone Sprinter 252RLS, a 2013 Forest River Flagstaff 228, a 2009 Forest River Flagstaff 206LTD, a 2007 Jayco Jayfeather 213, a 2003 Jayco Jayflight 21FB, 2006 Keystone Adirondack 30BHSL, 2004 Adventure MFG Timberlodge 25FB, 2006 Palomino Stampede 235 BSDSL and several more.

You can even find Class A RVs for under $30,000, including the 1998 Fleetwood Bounder 32. This model is 32 feet long and sleeps up to six people. It features a large slide, which gives you more space to move around. Additional features include a 5.5kw generator, 6-gallon LP/DSI water heater, hydraulic / electric jacks, a power step, outside shower, convection microwave oven, solar charger, a 15-foot awning, backup camera, power mirrors, a roof ladder and more.

Newer travel trailers are available for under $20,000, including the 2014 Jayco Jayflight Swift. This model is 26 feet long an sleeps up to eight people. Additional features for this model include a bunk house, 22-inch LCD television, stab jacks, a 15-foot awning, a 6-gallon three-way water heater, DVD player, stereo with CD player, microwave and a two-door fridge.

No matter what type of RV you prefer, we have a floor plan that will fit your family; and you’ll save thousands when you buy used models. Choose newer models or even older models that are in excellent condition so you can get on the road sooner rather than later.

Visit Jim’s RV Center

Stop by Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York to walk through the many used RV floor plans we have available and to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Choose from Class A diesel or gas models, Class C models, travel trailers, fifth wheel models and pop-up camper models.


RVs at Jim’s RV for Under $10,000

If you are in the market for an RV but have $10,000 or less to spend, stop by our showroom to walk through the several floor plans we have available. All models are pre-owned, but are in excellent condition. Choose from fifth wheel models, travel trailers and pop up/travel trailer combinations.

2003 Northwood Nash 245N

This fifth wheel model is available for just $9,900. Features include a slide, L-shaped kitchen, private queen bedroom, large tub/shower combination, dinette, sofa and overhead cabinets.

2000 Fleetwood Savannah 35-5P

The Fleetwood Savannah is a fifth wheel model available for $5,995. Features include three slides, tons of cabinet and pantry space and a private queen bedroom.

2002 Fleetwood Coleman Bayside

This pop-up camper is available for $4,795. This model features plenty of space, a slide, dinette, three-burner stove, large sink, fridge, heater, sofa and plenty of storage space.

2007 Cruiser RV Funfinder X189FBS

This travel trailer is available for $9,900. Features include a slide, queen bedroom, sofa, removable table, full galley, stand-up corner shower and plenty of storage.

2006 Sun Valley X-Treme Lite 24RK

This travel trailer is available for $8,900. Features include a slide, dinette, sofa, kitchen, a large shower/tub combination, private queen bedroom and plenty of storage space.

2003 Jayco Jayflight 21FB

This travel trailer is available for $7,495. Features include a queen bed, spacious kitchen, dinette, large shower/tub combination and carpeting.

2009 Forest River Flagstaff Shamorck

This travel trailer/pop-up combination is available for $9,900. Features include the ability to sleep up to eight people, kitchen, three tent beds, a dinette that folds down into a bed, bathroom with a corner shower, 11k BTU air conditioning unit, 6-gallon hot water heater, DVD player, outside shower, outside speakers, a 13-foot awning and two 20-pound propane bottles.

Visit Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York

Stop by our RV showroom at Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York to walk through the several RV models under $10,000 that we have available to learn more about these RVs.


The 2007 Jayco Designer 38RDQS: A Luxury Home on Wheels

A good, used fifth wheel from Jim’s RV can be just as good as any all-in-one recreational vehicle. We think of the RV lifestyle and we think, “well, clearly you need an RV,” but fifth wheels are often able to provide more space than you’ll get in even a luxury RV.

Take the 2007 Jayco Designer series, for instance. The 38RDQS features four sleep stations including a hide-a-bed, two roof air conditioners, a microwave, and actual ceiling fans. How often do you see a ceiling fan in an RV? You barely even see them in full size trailer homes, let alone RVs and fifth wheels. Most New York apartments don’t even have room for a ceiling fan. The twenty seven inch television will help to keep you entertained on those long rest stops, and at $35,900, you could spend a lot more on such a luxurious fifth wheel.

The tan interior and white exterior help to create a relaxed atmosphere, especially in the summer when the sun will be beating down on the walls of the fifth wheel as you’re trying to take a nap. The color really does help to keep the interior cool.

Jayco are known for their quality fifth wheels, and the designer series are no exception. Far from sacrificing a quality build for the appearance of class, the Jayco designer series offers both, with the 38RDQS being both durable and luxurious, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

If you’re looking for a great fifth wheel to take out on the road next summer, or if you’re looking to trade in a smaller motorhome, this home on wheels may be just the thing to offer luxury, comfort, and plenty of elbow room as you journey down the American highways from coast to coast. Come check it out today at Jim’s RV!


New York RVers: Keep Your Laptops Safe

Laptop computers are a major part of the modern RVer community. We have instant communication with friends via things such as e-mail and chat,  access to our bank accounts and bill paying services, and a host of information about whatever we might need in our lives as full-time RV travelers. Unfortunately,  laptops (and other computers or tablets) are certainly an attraction to thieves. Here are some tips to help keep your experience with your computer as safe as possible.

Keeping Your Data Safe: If you store sensitive information on your laptop, make sure if your computer falls into the wrong hands, at least the information is secure. If you have Windows, you may already have a way of encrypting your data to make it impossible to read without the code. Or purchase some data encryption software and use it–you can “Google” for more information on this kind of software. When using public WIFI networks, many experts recommend you don’t transmit sensitive data (including credit numbers or bank account information) but if you must, BE SURE the little “lock” symbol shows on your web browser, and that the URL (address) of the web site begins with https (for “secured”).

– Digital RVer

Make your Password STRONG: Don’t use your name, your child’s name, dog’s name, etc., as a password. Repeated numbers or letters are a sure-enough “breakable” password. Some folks use a phrase they can remember, like “My dog is lazy,” and string it together without spaces: Mydogislazy is the resulting password. Using symbols (%@&!) in your password also makes it tougher to break. And of course, the longer the better. IF you think you will forget your password, I recommend writing it down on a piece of paper that you keep on you in a safe place.

Backup Your System: Lost or stolen, your data is no good if you don’t have access to it. Use a data backup system–the Windows XP operating system has one. Back up frequently, and back up to something OTHER than your computer such as a small “thumb drive,” or an external hard drive. And keep that backup drive safe too. A lost thumb drive with unencrypted information could be an identity thief’s paradise.

Guard Your Laptop: Don’t leave your laptop in plain sight, no matter how tinted your windows are. Hide it in the trunk, stick it in a closet, put it in a secure cabinet with a lock and key. If you travel on a plane with your laptop, don’t put it in the overhead storage compartment, keep it with you at your seat–right in front of you. Find a location in your used or new RV to place it whenever it is not in use.Regardless of what you are doing, make sure that you make it a priority to know where your computer is at all times – this will save you mounds of headache later on down the line.

Do you have any tips in regards to safety for RVers who carry a long a laptop, tablet, or other valuable electronic device?


The Evolution of RVing in New York

Nichols NY RVers, don’t you agree, we’ve come pretty far from the olden days. From interior and exterior design, amenities, materials used, and more – the RV has certainly evolved. Many RV’s today are more luxurious than stationary homes.  Let’s take a blast back to the past and check out some old RV designs.

So exactly how have RV’s Changed? 

Ultra-Low V.O.C. & Recyclable Materials

High levels of V.O.C.’s exist in the standard materials  used to manufacture RV’s, automobiles, and homes, so many manufacturers have not been willing or able to incur the cost and time in research associated with the development of low V.O.C. or lightweight, recyclable materials until recently.

Better Quality From The Start

Most U.S. consumers are plagued by low final assembly quality and poor material content from RV manufacturer’s old school of design and basic construction methods. This had a negative impact on the Customer Satisfaction Index in the industry overall. Due to state of the art equipment, space-age materials and companies like Jim’s RV who provide experienced management teams and state of the art service departments, a new standard of quality is now the norm.

Innovative, Lightweight, More Fuel-Efficient Designs

The industry has evolved into innovative floor plans in lighter, more durable, more fuel efficient designs. With sleek, futuristic designs, travel trailers and RV’s weigh much less than conventional designs thereby having a long term effect on the wallet.

Perhaps this is where we will land in the future.

Nichols, NY RVers, what is your most favorite feature of your new or used RV?


Jim’s RV Do-it-Yourself Edition

While Jim’s RV can take care of any maintenance needs for your new or used RV in Nichols, NY. We also share tips and hints for work you can do yourself, so when you’re out of town, you can still care for your RV properly. Here are some practical do-it-yourself directions:

1. How to dump RV waste water holding tanks and thoroughly clean the black tank. Keeping your sewage tank super clean requires following a few simple procedures which will make it stay odor-free.

These step-by-step instructions will ensure that your RV holding tanks stay clean and fresh providing a healthier environment for your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel.

2. How to install your own window awnings. Window awnings can help tremendously to keep your RV’s interior cooler on hot days and to also reduce the fading of the fabrics on your chairs and couch from the sun. This video by Carefree of Colorado shows how easy it is to install your own window awnings using only a few handy tools.

RV Window Awning from Webster City RV on Vimeo.

3. How to hang things on the interior walls of your RV.  Most walls on RVs and motor homes in Nichols, NY are the same thin material that isn’t strong enough to hold wood screws. Without access behind the wall panels, there’s no way to use bolts, since you can’t tighten down the nuts. Velcro generally only works for lightweight items. The solution as demonstrated in this video: Pop Rivets.

We enjoy helping our customers with the little details that make owning and personalizing your RV an exciting experience. From maintaining the sanitation, to the cosmetics – we do our best to leave no stone unearthed. Feel free to share with us any other great Do-it-Yourself videos to add to our blog. And if or when your D-I-Y RV project becomes overwhelming, stop in and see us. We love to help out our customers!


10 Five Minute RV Maintenance Tips

Of course, Jim’s has a state-of-the-art RV service department with the latest in diagnostic and repair tools and parts that can handle just about any problem your RV faces. I say, why not just avoid RV problems all together. Here are a few quick and easy RV maintenance tips you can follow on your own to keep your camper in great shape from year to year.

Quick And Easy RV Maintenance Tips

Check sealants twice each month – check the rubber sealants around your windows to make sure they’re tight and not cracking. Cracked or loose sealant can let air in which causes drafts and leaks.

Check tire pressure before every trip –this one should be a no brainer. Make sure your tires are fully pressurized before you set off on your next road trip – it’s an easy RV maintenance tip that will prevent blowouts and it also  improves your gas mileage!

Run generator 2 hours per month under 50% load –letting your RV sit unused for months is not good for the generator. Run it under a light load for a few minutes each month to keep it primed so that it is ready the next time you decide to hit the road.

Check battery water level–making sure your batteries have enough water in them is crucial to ensuring that they will hold their charge. Check your battery water level frequently and add distilled water when necessary.

Clean holding tanks regularly –clean out your gray and black water tanks frequently to prevent bacteria and odors from leaking into the rest of your RV. Black and gray water tanks can get really gross, really fast – this is one RV maintenance tip you don’t want to forget! If you have to spend a vast amount of time on the road, cleanliness is a must.

Lube slide rails and gaskets twice each year –make sure all your slideout rails and all gaskets on your RV are properly lubricated to avoid friction. This will help make sure your slide rails stay in working condition all season long.

 Torque lug nuts before each trip – it is very important that you always make sure your lug nuts are fastened tightly before you head out. This RV maintenance tip is crucially important – if you’re not careful, your whole wheel assembly could fly off! Accidents slow down trips and can drain your pocket book, this type can be easily avoided.

 Sanitize fresh water system each spring – this is an RV maintenance tip that you should follow at the beginning of the RV season. Before your spring RV season starts, make a point to thoroughly sanitize your fresh water systems to keep your drinking water fresh and clean.

 Properly winterize each fall –this is one of the most crucial RV maintenance tips that you can follow. Before the winter hits it’s absolutely necessary to follow all of the steps to winterize your unit to protect it from the winter cold and lack of use (if you need help, check out our previous posts about how to winterize your RV!).

 Retract awning during heavy wind and rain – this RV maintenance tip is extremely important. On at least one of your camping trips you’re going to have to weather a storm. Make sure your awning is pulled back – otherwise, it’ll collapse like an umbrella and bend like crazy!

If you follow the above RV maintenance tips throughout the season, you may end up saving thousands of dollars in service costs! And remember, for all your RV maintenance and service needs, visit Jim’s RV Center in Nichols NY.


Buy used and save


RVing has been a popular American tradition for a long time.  It is the dream of a lot of people to one day sell the house and pack into a spacious luxury rig and head out on the open road.  Many people who want to do this though are turned off by looking at the price tag of new RVs, and instead of experiencing the great outdoors are stuck at home.  There is a stigma that buying a used RV will leave you wanting more. You may think that the reason the RV is being sold as used is because there is something wrong with it and that’s why it still isn’t owned.

Buying a used RV is not only a great way to save money, but it still gives you all the joy of buying a new RV.  The most important thing that you need to consider when buying an RV, new or old, is that it is right for you and what you want to get out of it.  There is more to buying an RV than buying the biggest and most expensive on the lot.  There would be no need for something like that if you are looking to be a part time RVer.  If you know what you are looking for then you can start looking for the best bang for your buck, which is usually a great used RV.

Finding a used RV means doing your research and talking to someone you can trust.  When looking at used RVs be sure to ask as many questions as possible.  The ownership history, and repairs, and other questions can help you make sure that you are buying a rig that is not only priced low, but also still in excellent working condition.  If you are in the market for a used RV and want to feel confident that you are buying a great one, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


The Case of our Crazy RV GPS!

A GPS can’t ever be wrong, can it?  Well, in fact, it can be dead wrong. I mean who would have thought that this high tech equipment that gets its information from a satellite could ever be wrong.  Well according to research, a lot of roads come up on the GPS that should never be there in the first place. And that’s exactly what happened to us when we took a short family road trip! We were lead on to a road that wasn’t passable. Needless to say we turned around. However, many people ignore the gut instinct to turn around and keep going just because their GPS says that thats the way to go.

There have been many attempts by park officials to get roads that have been closed or are deemed no longer passable removed from the databases of GPS units, but the progress has been slow. TomTom has been one of the few companies that has shown efforts in updating the maps.  Most GPS until still have these dangerous roads in their systems.

If you ever feel like your GPS is leading you in the wrong direction, turn around! For some reason we talk ourselves out of this simple, yet possibly life saving action.  Pay attention to where the GPS is leading you and if it looks a bit odd, stop and look at a map or try to get an official confirmation that the route is safe.

The GPS is a great friend when you’re traveling, but just trust your gut instinct if you think it’s telling you incorrect directions and consult a good old fashioned map or atlas.  Has the GPS in your RV ever lead you astray?  What did you do; continue following its directions or turn around?