Drive through the most beautiful parts of the country


We all have the dream destinations to visit and stay as part of our RV lifestyles.  In the process, we sometimes lose sight of the most important parts of the country to see from the windshield of our rigs.  The true beauty of America isn’t held in one campground, or one park.  Instead, it is seeing the land transform before our eyes while driving down lonely, desolate roads across the country.  Owning an RV means that you can experience these sights in the comfort of of a new home, while still having the ability to move forward to our next destination.

While hitting the open road is is always exciting, if you are looking to find some of the most scenic areas of the country can be a little bit challenging.  Well, there are a few areas of the U.S. that you should fill up your tank and take advantage of.  The good news is that these areas still offer places to pull over for a night, or more, to see all of their majesty while not being bored on the drive through it.

One of these places is the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The wide open spaces and breath taking mountain views are sure to keep your mind stimulated while you drive through it. Driving along I-90 will let you see all of this and more.  Of course, the requisite stop at Mount Rushmore is in store, and the cooler temperatures make this a great place to travel during the hot summer months.

If you want to take a route that shows you a more purely American spirit, then the Blues Highway through Tennessee and Mississippi is the route for you.   Route 61 from Memphis to Vicksburg will give you a beautiful view of the country, and great stops along the way.  Great blues bars, soul food kitchens, and other one of a kind stops mark this route that is sure to keep your foot tapping along the way.

As an RVer you should concentrate on more than your start and stopping points, but should instead keep your eyes open to all the beauty that is in between.  If you are looking for a new RV to see all of these things and more, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


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