Fight off the rain with a quality cover


If you are a part time RVer, or a full timer who makes there home in the area, then you have surely heard about the big weather that is heading this way.  While hurricane Irene is sure to make its presence felt in the area, that doesn’t mean that you should just cross your fingers and hope for the best when it comes to your RV.  Taking care to insure that your rig is safe from the incoming weather, you should make sure that your RV is ready to take on the water that is sure to come.

While it would be best to plan a quick trip to the west, that may not be an option if you are storing your RV during the coming days.  The best way to shield your RV from the elements is with a heavy duty cover.  A quality RV cover will help protect your rig from any rain and wind that is sure to come into the area.  You not only have to make sure that your RV is safe from the rain, but also any debris that may be swept around from the wind.  RV covers will not only keep the water off of your investment, but also stop branches, rocks, and any other swirling debris from making a direct impact against your RV’s glass.

Be sure to have your RV cover tied down securely, and if you have a sturdy covered shelter, use that for extra protection.  If you have the ability to pack up your things and take a quick trip a few hundred miles away, then that would be a good plan to follow.  Planning ahead for natural disasters is always smart, and as an RV owner you have more flexibility than other to take extra precautions in this situation.  If you are a full timer in a densely wooded area, then be sure to take into account an large branches or old trees that are around you.

Please be safe over the next couple of days, and if you need to pick up any extra RV supplies, come into Jim’s RV.


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