Ideas for Revamping the Interior of Your RV

When you want to revamp the interior of your RV, you can go all out or you can change some minor things such as adding pictures and other wall hangings or change the blinds. If you do extensive work, be sure to budget extra money for your project.

Replace the Flooring

Whether you want to change carpets and tile or remove a certain floor covering in favor of a different type, be prepared to make additional repairs to the subfloor. While it may be fine, you may also find plywood that is weak in places you may get excess water on the floor. Since you have the floor covering pulled up, if a part of the subfloor is even slightly questionable, you might as well replace it while you have the floor covering off.

Common changes include adding carpet, changing carpet and padding, replacing linoleum with tile or changing the current linoleum for something with a different pattern or color.

Changing the Basic Look of the Interior

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money but would like to change the look of your RV’s interior, add covers for the sofa, add wall hangings and change the blinds for something different. You may want to remove mini blinds in favor of curtains or vertical slats. You can also change the faucets for something more decorative. Be sure to measure the faucets even if you have residential faucets to ensure you get something that fits properly.

Removing a Bunkhouse

If you have a bunkhouse RV and no longer need the bunks since the kids are grown and gone, remove the extra bunks in favor of additional storage space, an extra sofa or even a desk and work area. You might even add a washer and dryer in that space as long as you can tie into the plumbing.

Visit Jim’s RV Center

Stop by Jim’s RV Center in Nichols New York if you need to pick up parts, appliances, window treatments, storage solutions and other items for your revamping project.


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