Keep mice and other pests out of your RV


Part of the allure of RV life is the chance to get back in touch with nature.  With thousands of campsites and parks to choose from, you can see all the beauty that this country has to offer.  While getting back outdoors is great, it can also come with a price.  There are plenty of little animals that normally make their home outside, and they would love to move into your RV instead.  Taking care to keep pests out of your rig can go a long way on extending your RV’s life.  No one can sleep comfortably if they think that they are sharing a home with animals and insects, and it can be hard to truly enjoy life on the road.

One of the bigger problems that can happen in your RV is mouse infestation.  If you are noticing small holes in your walls or mouse droppings, then you need to take care of this problem as soon as possible.  Mice can start eating through your interior and cause damage to wiring, gas lines, and can lead to leaks or dry rot in your walls.  If you already have a problem then you will need to use mouse traps to try to get rid of them.  Rat poison can be dangerous if you have children or pets around.  If you want to prevent the problem from starting then you can use moth balls or peppermint oil.  Rats hate the smell of these things.  Also, putting dryer sheets in corners and drawers will keep the mice at bay.

If you want to keep ants off of your rig and out of your home, then a good way is to stop them from crawling inside.  Ants tend to walk up and in to your RV from areas that make contact with the ground.  A good way to stop them from walking up is to put a layer of petroleum jelly on all parts that touch the ground.  Also, be sure to keep all of your food in a secure place as well as clean your kitchen area after you cook.

No one wants to live with pests, that’s why you need to do everything you can to prevent them from coming into your RV in the first place.  If you are looking for a new, clean, pest free RV, then come into Jim’s RV.


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