Keep your kitchen clutter free


Compared to other camping styles, owning an RV offs you more room to work with when at a camp site.  Unfortunately, more room doesn’t always mean enough room.  If you are new to RVing then you will probably notice that as time goes by it is easy to accumulate more and more things than you will ever really need.  One of the places where this happens in a hurry is your kitchen.  RV kitchens are designed to be used for maximum efficiency, and you generally only have just enough room to do basic cooking.  So how do you create more space in your kitchen?

A lot of RVers tend to carry more kitchen appliances than they need.  While it may seem like a good idea to bring a waffle maker, panini press, and other specialty cooking machines, chances are they are hardly used.  Not only are you not using these items, but they take up a lot of valuable storage and counter space.  A great rule of thumb to follow is, “toss it if you don’t use it.” While you may think that you’ll regret doing this down the road, you’ll soon learn that RV life still goes on even without these kitchen gadgets.

Another great way to save kitchen space would be to invest in a good pair of space saving pots and pans.  At your home you probably have plenty of room for all of your pots and pans to take up a whole cabinet without sacrificing much space, but you will soon notice that your cabinets are a bit smaller in your RV.  Space saving pot and pan sets are designed to fit inside of each other with removable handles.  This way you can fit all of your cooking ware in one compact space.  These sets are easy to use, and you will wonder how you cooked and lived comfortably without them.

Utilizing your living space is essential to being a good RVer, and I hope that these tips help you achieve that.  If you want to see the kitchen space available in new RVs, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.


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