RV Dessert Pick Of The Month: Ice Cream Flambe

You might not always be able to get the ingredients that you need, and you might not always be able to stop and park at a campground in order to prepare dessert, so we like to focus on recipes that you can make right in the passenger seat if need be and ingredients that you can grab from gas stations. Here’s a quick recipe we like that you can make anywhere. You will need…

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Rum
  • Semi-ripe bananas

It doesn’t matter what sort of ice cream or rum you use, but the better the quality, the better the treat will be.

Start by peeling the banana and slicing it down the middle, like a banana split. Place it in a bowl, and place three scoops of ice cream down the center. Now pour about a half cup of rum over the top of the dessert, and here’s the fun part, light it on fire. You want to light a stick or piece of twisted paper in order to light the rum to keep any chemicals, butane or sulfur out of the mixture.

You only need to light it for a second. If it doesn’t burn out right away, you can cover it with a bigger bowl, turned upside down, or a plate in order to suffocate the flames.

The end result is an ice cream flambe that has a sort of caramel flavor.

We recommend something to dip in the rum and the ice cream as it melts. Biscotti, angel food cake, pound cake and even plain white toast are all a great idea for dipping.

You obviously do not want to prepare this recipe in an enclosed space, so it’s a good idea to park and roll down the window before you light the rum on fire. You can also try variations like butter pecan ice cream and flavored rums. When looking for a park for your RV New York and other big cities might be tricky, but there are at least going to be plenty of parking lots where you can stop and prepare a snack.

The flames make the treat more delicious, but they also provide a bit of a show. It’s not just cooking, it’s an event.


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