Stay comfortable during those long drives


As an RVer, you have probably had your fair share of long hours behind the wheel.  While it’s great to have the ability to pick anywhere you want to vacation, there is that little obstacle of actually getting there.  While most RV cockpits are built with the newest gadgets and gizmos to help you feel comfortable while driving, they might not always do the trick.  So how do you stay awake, alert, and pain free while driving on your next cross country trip?

While sitting in the captain’s chair, it’s important to be comfortable, Wear clothes that are are loose, and a good pair of driving shoes can go a long way  Emptying your pockets of your cell phone and wallet will allow you you sit without having bunches and bulges in your pockets that can start to become uncomfortable. No matter how comfortable you are though you still need to do one thing, and that is take driving breaks every two or three hours to give you a chance to stretch your legs.  This will give you a chance to re-energize as well as help keep your blood flowing. While you may think staying on a schedule is the most important thing, your body will need to move around to stay alert.

Another thing you need to do is remember to stay hydrated.  While you may not feel hot, your body needs to stay replenished with fluids to help your circulation.  It is especially important to keep drinking water if you are driving during the day and have the sun beating down on your through your windshield.  Another important tip with the sun is to wear sunscreen.  While you may not realize it, you are taking in UV rays while driving, and no one wants to be sun burned by the time they reach their destination.

Driving while uncomfortable can cause problems with your driving habits, and it may result in accidents that normally wouldn’t happen.  If you need a break from driving, then don’t be afraid to take it.  If you need to reach a destination at a certain time, make plans to take plenty of stops along the way, or get a drivign partner if you have one available.  If you are looking for a new RV, then be sure to come to Jim’s.


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