Stay on the level with these easy tips


Chances are, when you get to a camp site, the ground around it will not be a perfectly paved and leveled surface.  Simply setting your fifth-wheel or RV will not only make your stay uncomfortable, but it may also damage or disable parts of your rig.  A great example of this is your refrigerator, which will only run properly if it is level due to it being run by propane.  While everyone has their own way of leveling or stabilizing their RV, it may not always be the best way.

The most common way people level their trailers is with blocks of wood wedged under the tires until their surface level says that everything is even.  While this may be the way you have done it forever, it is not the smartest solution.  The wood you are using may not be perfectly straight and level itself, so it may shift under the weight of your rig and cause all sorts of problems.  Instead, look into buying RV leveling blocks.  These are designed to easily stack together uniformly to hold your RV level, and also support all the weight that you may need.

Once you have the RV level, it may still not be stabilized.  Leveling is for getting even from front to back, but you still need to stabilize the left and right sides.  The basic tool for this job is jack stands, but you may not know that there have been advances to make your life easier.  You can install stands on the sides of your RV which are guaranteed not to slip off the sides.  If you want to take it a step further, then you should look into the new electric stabilizers which can move up and down with the push of a button.

No one likes to be on uneven ground, and you should always fix the problem in the safest manner possible.  To see the newest leveling and stabilizing features in RVs, then be sure to come to Jim’s RV.


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