The 2012 Travel Lite 690FD

So you drive onto the lot at Jim’s RV and they show you a few trailers and RVs, but nothing is catching your fancy. It’s not that these aren’t great motorhomes, they’re just… a little much for your purposes. If you’re a solo traveler or if it’s just you and the spouse and you don’t mind getting cozy, then you might want to consider a truck camper.

The 2012 Travel Lite 690FD is certainly a cozy little model, but at under $11,000, it’s more than enough for anyone who just wants to get on the road right now and start traveling.

A truck camper isn’t for everyone. These cozy little campers are very comfortable for anyone who just needs a place to sleep and eat, but the lack of a built-in bathroom means that it’s more for camping and traveling than for living in permanently as an RVer.

That said, if you’re after something along those lines, you can’t go wrong with Travel Lite. It fits into most mid-size trucks, including the Ford Ranger. With the Travel Lite you get a surprisingly well-equipped kitchen area with two burners and a fridge bigger than you’ll find in most hotel rooms. The bed is spacious enough for one or for a couple, there’s a microwave, and the skylight really opens up the place.

If you have a family to travel with, if you’re looking for a fulltime RV, go ahead and invest in a good, full-size RV, fifth wheel or travel trailer. If you’re looking for something for short term adventures or just doing some traveling on your own and would rather not break your neck sleeping in your car between motels, then the Travel Lite camper is one of the most comfortable little campers on the market right now. Come see us at Jim’s RV today!


New Updates To Some 2013 Jayco Motorhomes New York!

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Nothing ever stays the same New York, and this is also true for some of Jayco’s 2013 model motorhomes. It would be kind of boring if nothing ever changed, and who doesn’t like new features? Jayco has updated the Greyhawk, Melbourne and Seneca series motorhomes for the 2013 models.

Some of the features updated on all the models include:
• Interior décor options, which will include a new Midnight choice.
• The countertops of each model will include solid Chocolate Chip color counter top with a double bowl sink.
• The Greyhawk and Melbourne motorhomes will feature an updated Customer Value Package that will offer a 400-watt inverter, side view cameras and a tankless water heater.
• Increased security and convenience with the addition of a keyless touchpad entry lock system.
• Diamond shield paint protection.

The Greyhawk model which, is built on a Ford E-450 chassis, will also include updates of a larger area of linoleum in the living area, decorative glass on the cabinet doors and a wider entry glass shower door. Its solid, real wood cabinets, Onan generator and electric powered swing-away mirrors will still remain.

The Melbourne also built on a Ford E-450 chassis will maintain its Apollo convection microwave, 3-burner cooktop and leather furniture. However, the motorhome which sleep up to 5 will also now include standard premium paint package, electric awning and a new, lighted battery disconnect switch.

The Seneca motorhome, which sleeps up to 8 and is built on a freightliner M2 chassis, also has some updates in addition to its already Corian countertops, back-up camera and 340 horsepower Cummins diesel engine. Now the Seneca has an updated Customer Value Package that will include a motion satellite dish, navigation system and 15,000 BTU A/C with heat pump. A fireplace, sofa set and thermal pane windows now all come standard with the 2013 Jayco Seneca.

For more information on these upgrades, visit And for a personal tour of the Greyhawk, Melbourne or Seneca motorhome, visit your local New York new and used RV dealer, Jim’s RV.


3 Awesome Gift Ideas for Full-Time RVers

Before we spill the beans on these great gift ideas that we think would be received with smiles and cheer, we first would like to offer our advice on some items that you should take into consideration when shopping for your full-time RVer family and friends.

  • For full-time RVers, space may be a factor, it may be limited so keep this in mind.
  • Gift-giving RVers (especially if traveling or living in their RV when doing Christmas shopping) should look for gifts that are easy to store until delivered or mailed.
  • Purchases of products related to RV operational systems or maintenance are probably best made with some level of RV knowledge. There are plenty of general RVing-related items that are non-technical that can be taken into account before making a major purchase.
  • In regards to gift certificates, try to find some that can be redeemed online or at nationwide locations – convenience is key with travelers

1. Our first choice is the Kindle. It’s a perfect gift for RVers or just about anyone really! Easy to read inside and outdoors. Tons of book selections, compact, portable. And with the latest color versions you can get movies, apps, games, music, reading and more.

2. Save time and “get it right” with gift certificates. Some may say this is not personal enough, and for some – this is the least stressful road to take for all parties involved. There are thousands of vendors to choose from so the recipient can shop and use their gift at their leisure.

3. Help your RVer get Sirius! Pun totally intended. SIRIUS, ideal for people on the move, is a satellite radio service offering over a hundred channels of digital-quality music, sports, news and entertainment programming. The biggest difference from regular radio is that SIRIUS has 100% commercial-free music channels and they are organized by genre so people can ride to the music that best suits their mood.

For the most part, buying for an RVer is no different than buying for anyone else. Just think about the recipient’s interests and lifestyle when coming up with your RVer gift ideas in NY.

What are you buying this year for your family members or friends who are full-time RVers? I still have not finished my Christmas shopping, but i’m slowly but surely getting there!


Television and Your Jim’s RV

One question that tends to surface from new RVers and those who consider purchasing a new RV in Nichols, NY is: Can an RV be wired so that all TV’s can be operated independent of each other?
My answer would be that you have many options where this is concerned, and all of them are dependent on your TV Signal and where it comes from.


Here’s a brief summary:

  • If your TV signal is coming over the air from broadcast TV then all you need to do is tune the TV’s to different channels. You will of course require converter boxes if you have old TV’s or if they are new they should already be High Definition compatible.
  • If your signal comes from a cable company, and you have cable ready TV’s then you just need to get a cable splitter and add a cable to the other TV. Generally, if you also have premium channels then you will need an additional cable box to get the premium channels.
  • If you are getting your signal from a satellite then you need at minimum two separate satellite receivers from your satellite company and two separate LNBs (low-noise block). This may require paying the satellite provider additional fees. You will also need to add additional cabling from the satellite dish to the other satellite receiver. Check the latest capabilities with your preferred satellite provider.
We recommend that you weigh all of your options by checking with television providers in your area. Make sure you tell them exactly what you are looking for so that you know in advance whether or not they can satisfy your entertainment needs whether you are traveling or stationary. Ask your Nichols, NY RV dealer about your options regarding televisions, we can definitely get you started in the right direction!

Buy used and save


RVing has been a popular American tradition for a long time.  It is the dream of a lot of people to one day sell the house and pack into a spacious luxury rig and head out on the open road.  Many people who want to do this though are turned off by looking at the price tag of new RVs, and instead of experiencing the great outdoors are stuck at home.  There is a stigma that buying a used RV will leave you wanting more. You may think that the reason the RV is being sold as used is because there is something wrong with it and that’s why it still isn’t owned.

Buying a used RV is not only a great way to save money, but it still gives you all the joy of buying a new RV.  The most important thing that you need to consider when buying an RV, new or old, is that it is right for you and what you want to get out of it.  There is more to buying an RV than buying the biggest and most expensive on the lot.  There would be no need for something like that if you are looking to be a part time RVer.  If you know what you are looking for then you can start looking for the best bang for your buck, which is usually a great used RV.

Finding a used RV means doing your research and talking to someone you can trust.  When looking at used RVs be sure to ask as many questions as possible.  The ownership history, and repairs, and other questions can help you make sure that you are buying a rig that is not only priced low, but also still in excellent working condition.  If you are in the market for a used RV and want to feel confident that you are buying a great one, then be sure to come into Jim’s RV.