Jayco Initiates A Sustainability Program New York!

Photo Credit: jayco.com

There are many ways in which we can all help to protect and keep the planet and environment clean. We all have to share this earth with one another, so it’s important that we all pitch in to help. We have all heard of several ways in which we can do our part such as recycling, reducing our waste and driving less. Jayco also wants to do their part to help the planet, and so they have launched a long-term sustainability initiative program.

Jayco’s sustainability program is called EcoAdvantage, and it is their way of insuring that their products and processes have a minimal negative impact on the environment. The program is focused on better ways of building better RV’s that use fewer natural resources. There are seven goals that Jayco has set forth to achieve through their initiative.

1. Landfill free by 2015 – Jayco has moved recycling bins around, educated their employees and worked with their suppliers to help reduce packaging.
2. Reduce freshwater use – Jayco plans to use water runoff for their operations. Their goal is to use rainwater in three of their major production facilities by the spring of 2013.
3. Use more sustainable materials – Materials will be re-used, packaging improved and plans with suppliers will be made for the use of more sustainable parts.
4. Use less energy – Jayco has a goal of using 40% less energy by 2014 by upgrading facilities and production processes.
5. Promote Green Efforts – Try to involve RV owners, suppliers and competitors in the process of improving the environment.
6. Streamline – Jayco will streamline their processes to help reduce energy use, increase efficiency and limit waste.
7. Reduce Product Weight – Jayco has committed to reducing the weight of their products to help their customers achieve better fuel efficiency in turn leaving less of a footprint on the planet.

To learn more about Jayco’s EcoAdvantage program visit jayco.com. And stop by your local New York new and used RV dealer, Jim’s RV, for some ways you can also help protect and keep the environment clean.


The Winter Months And Frostbite New York!

The freezing temperatures of winter can bring with it some scary and severe complications from the cold. Generally, when you think of frostbite you may think of extreme sports such as mountain climbing or unexpectedly getting stuck in the cold for an extended amount of time and not being prepared for it. However, you can be at risk anytime you are exposed to temperatures below freezing.

Whenever you are in below freezing temperatures you can be at risk of frostbite. Generally, it affects your extremities including fingers and toes and hands and feet. However, it can also affect your nose, ears, cheeks, forehead and shins as these areas are generally exposed to the cold and they do not have as much blood circulating to keep them warm. You are also at an increased risk of frostbite in higher altitudes due to the cold temperature, hypoxia or reduced oxygen intake while breathing and dehydration from the drier atmosphere. Frostbite is considered a medical emergency due to the destruction of your tissues. You can take steps to prevent frostbite, especially if you will be RVing in the cold temperatures this winter.

• Protect any skin that is exposed to temperatures either at or below freezing. If it is cold enough your flesh can freeze, whether hiking, skiing or snowmobiling.
• Keep your clothing dry. Wet clothing does not protect your skin.
• Keep moving in cold temperatures. Physical exertion keeps the blood pumping and warming your body.
• Make sure you stay well nourished to give your body the fuel it needs to keep you warm.
• Stay hydrated. If you become dehydrated, your blood thickens and will not circulate as well.
• Cover all parts of your body including your head, ears and hands. You can also use neck warmers and hand and foot warmers to help keep you warm.
• Pack extra socks, gloves, boots, hats and other items in case those you are wearing get wet.

Follow the above recommendations when you head out this winter in your Used New York RV. For more information visit trailerlife.com. And if you need any help keeping your New York RV warm too, visit your local New York new and used RV dealer, Jim’s RV!