Best Cleaning Supplies to Keep in Your RV

Whether you just bought a new RV or you have one that you’ve had for a while, you know that keeping it clean while you’re on a trip is not always easy, especially when the family has been on sandy beaches, fishing, riding ATVs in the mud and otherwise having some fun in the dirt. Having the right cleaning supplies with you helps you keep up with the mess.

Small Vacuum

Find a small vacuum – a canister vacuum takes less space and you can store it in the basement storage. If you have enough closet space, you can get a smaller upright vacuum. Or, better yet, when you buy a new RV, opt for something that has a built in vacuum. If you have tile or linoleum throughout, a broom is handy enough, but if your RV has carpets, a vacuum is a must.


Many RVs have wood trim, a wood entertainment center and wood cabinets. Keep a can of your favorite duster along with some soft rags for dusting. You’ll find it easier to keep up with the dusting when you run a rag over everything every day, especially if you are parked in an area with lots of gravel or it’s so dry the dirt is dusty under the grass.


Keep a couple of different sponges with you. Use a soft sponge with your favorite bath and tile cleaner every day in the shower and the rest of the bathroom to keep from doing a ton of work after soap scum piles up. Keep a sponge with a scrubber in the kitchen area for stubborn pots and pans and to clean up burnt on or baked on messes on the stove and in the oven.

Cleaning Chemicals

While you’re packing, be sure to have your favorite cleaning supplies on hand including bath and tile cleaner, your favorite bleach spray or wipes, furniture polish, wall cleaner, bathroom cleaner and dish soap.

Visit Jim’s RV in Nichols, New York

Be sure to stop by Jim’s RV to walk through our many floor plans if you are looking for your first RV or if you’re ready to trade in your old RV for something different. And, stop by our accessories department to pick up any accessories you may need for your next trip.


2015 Coachmen Catalina 253RKS

If you’ve always wanted a new RV but thought the prices were out of range, walk through the 2015 Coachmen Catalina 253RKS. Not only is this model under $25,000, but it has plenty of space for up to six people. The slide contains a 70-inch sofa and a wardrobe giving you plenty of room to move around in the living area.

Stop by Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, New York to walk through the 2015 Coachmen Catalina 253RKS and to learn more about this travel trailer’s features.

2015 Coachmen Catalina 253RKS. Photo Courtesy of Coachmen RV.

Floor Plan

The Catalina 253RKS features two entries, both covered by an 18-foot awning. The main entry is to the rear of the RV and the secondary entry is through the bathroom. Use the secondary entry when you need to get inside to rinse sand or mud off – you won’t have to track it through the RV.

When you step into the RV at the primary entrance, you’ll see the rear kitchen to your left. Because the kitchen is in the rear, you have plenty of counter space to make your favorite meals. The kitchen also features a three-burner stove, oven, microwave, overhead cabinet, large fridge and a sink.

Immediately to your right, you’ll find the 40-inch dinette and more overhead cabinets. As you walk into the RV past the dinette and turn to the right, you’ll see the 70-inch fold-down sofa and more overhead cabinets. The sofa slide features an end table. The entertainment center is over the dinette.

Walking toward the front of the RV, you’ll pass the wardrobe, also contained in the slide. Immediately across from the wardrobe is the hall door for the bathroom. The bathroom features a 34-inch by 34-inch stand-up shower with a glass door, sink and toilet.

Walk past the wardrobe and bathroom to enter the bedroom. The bedroom features a queen bed and more overhead cabinets.

Additional Features

Additional features include pass through storage in the front of the RV, mirrored wardrobes in the bedroom, a 6-gallon DSI water pump, a 40-gallon gray water holding tank and a 30-gallon black water holding tank.

Stop by Jim’s RV Center

When you stop by Jim’s RV Center to choose an RV, be sure to walk through the 2015 Coachmen Catalina 253RKS if you are looking for a well-built, affordable RV.


Jim’s Parts and Accessories Will Make Your RV One-of-a-Kind!

If you are looking for a specific part or accessory, whether to upgrade one of your RV’s system or to add a unique look to your RV, the best place to look is at an RV dealership. Dealerships carry parts and accessories designed specifically for RVs. For example, if you want to add a television to a bunk house or main bedroom, you’ll want something that can withstand the temperature changes and the bumps it will have to take.

Jim’s RV Center’s parts and accessories warehouse carries everything you need for your RV – and if we don’t have it, we will find it for you. From Jensen televisions designed for RV travel to a winterization kit, you’ll find it at our Nichols, New York dealership.

Some of the things you can add to your RV to make it one of a kind or just to make it easier for you to camp include rear observation systems, satellite antennas, step stabilizers, bike and cargo carriers, receiver hitches, patio mats, awning hangers and more.

You can also shop for accessories for upgrades. If you are installing a washer and dryer, Jim’s RV carries the drain pans, wall brackets and the brackets to convert units into stackable units. If you need a new winterization kit, you can find that at Jim’s, too.

For the interior, you’ll find carpet protectors, phone accessories, navigation tools, connectivity tools, light fixtures, cleaners, ceiling fans, dishwashers, microwaves, ice makers and tons more to make your RV unique or to make camping life easier.

Security system available at Jim’s RV Center.

Making your RV look nice doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t keep it maintained. Jim’s RV Center also carries many maintenance items including fuel tank repair kits, hose repair kits, vinyl and leather repair kits, vehicle monitors, new bumpers and more.

Sanitation items include gloves, ABS cement and fittings, chemicals, hoses, holding tank heaters, holding tanks, portable tanks, RhinoFLEX accessories, sewer fittings, sewer hoses, vents, tote tanks, toilets and more.

Stop by Jim’s RV Center today to pick up any accessories you need to maintain your RV, to spruce up your RV or to make camping life easier and more convenient. Whether you have a Class A gas, Class A diesel, Class C, travel trailer, fifth wheel, pop up trailer or any other type of RV, we have the accessories and parts you need.


Keep Calm and RV On!

If you’ve always wanted to take a trip where you didn’t have to plan ahead for hotel rooms, but you don’t have an RV, you can rent an RV – then go where you want, when you want. With an RV, you have everything you need with you, so even if you can’t find a spot or the RV park you planned to stay at is full – it doesn’t matter. Camp anywhere for the night.

Head over to Jim’s RV to check out several of the floor plans our dealership has for you to rent. You can choose something small enough for two or large enough for a larger family. When renting an RV, you might want to remember a few things:

  1. Pick the size RV that will be most comfortable for your family. If you have two children with you, you will need one that sleeps at least four, but for some extra space, you might want something that sleeps six. Don’t forget, you’ll need storage space and you’ll want that extra space so the kids have room to play without being under your feet in case you get caught in the rain.
  2. Before you settle on a floor plan, make sure it has everything you need. If you plan on making a casserole, make sure the RV has an oven or a convection oven that is large enough for your casserole dish. If you plan on making two sides in addition to your main meat dish, be sure the stove has enough burners. Many RVs come with only two burners on the stove and may not have a regular or convection oven.
  3. Plan for the cost of the RV. Be sure to include the rental cost and the cost of gas. Another cost includes entry to RV parks. You’ll also need to plan your grocery cost, especially if you are on a budget. However, you can save money by packing groceries that you already have in the house. Be sure to ask whether there are mileage restrictions – if you go over, you could be charged for the extra mileage.
  4. Check into places that allow overnight parking in the event you don’t get as far as you wanted or if you find a park that is full. Wal-Marts, state parks, some rest areas allow overnight parking when you are in a pinch and are too tired to drive to the next RV park.

Since you are renting from Jim’s RV, you can rest assured that the RV you choose will be checked thoroughly before you leave. If you want any extra accessories, stop by the store before you head out.


Keystone Impact 386

If you are in the market for a toy hauler, but want something on the more luxurious side, the Keystone Impact 386 is what you are looking for. This fifth wheel is just over 40 feet long and features plenty of holding tank capacity. The fresh water tank holds 112 gallons, the gray and black water tanks each hold 86 gallons, and you have 60 pounds of liquid propane gas.

Interior features on the Keystone Impact 386, available at Jim’s RV Center, include a 39-inch LED television a CD/DVD player with MP3 connection, residential reclining furniture, an 8 cubic-foot fridge, a three-burner stove, dual electric beds with couch combo in the garage area, raised panel cherry hardwood cabinets, a ducted furnace so you’re extra warm in the winter, Tuff Ply flooring and the 5K lockdown system in the garage, a residential queen size mattress for the bedroom and night shades.

Additional features include a microwave, a 17-inch oven so you can bake your favorite meals and desserts, two Ram air vents in the cargo area and a generator with a start/stop switch. The generator features an hour meter and a fuel gauge.

Exterior features include an 8-foot ramp door, 16-inch wheels, a spare tire and carrier, lighted electric patio awning, a 30-gallon fuel station with a pump, heated enclosed holding tanks, LED tail lights, brake lights and ramp loading lights, aluminum wheels and an exterior shower with hot and cold water.

The floor plan has an excellent layout and doesn’t waste space. The front queen bedroom features plenty of storage, including a wardrobe; and it includes a television. As you walk through the RV, you pass the bathroom which features a large stand-up shower and linen closet.

The large living area features a television, reclining sofa, and a full galley. The galley features a double sink and plenty of storage. The garage area features two fold-down sofas and an electric bed. It also has an entrance to a half bath.

To learn more about the Keystone Impact 386 and to take a tour, stop by Jim’s RV Center. Be sure to ask your salesperson for a full list of features, plus any additional options that may be available.


Staying Fit on the Road

Whether you live in a house or apartment and travel periodically, own a recreational vehicle and travel frequently, or live full-time in your RV, one of the things you have to take care of is your health. Without it, you won’t feel like doing much of anything much less traveling the scenic highways of America.

Along with eating healthy foods, a solid exercise regimen is something you’ll want to take along for the ride. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult, just activities to help keep you fit as a fiddle. At Jim’s RV Center, our online accessory store has everything from games for mental health to clocks and journals to track your progress.

Make a checklist for both eating and exercising to help keep you on schedule. Keep it light, simple and fun because, after all, you’re on a travel adventure.

  • Several things to bring along include a jump rope, stretch band and weights. Each takes up little space but pack a huge wallop in the exercise and workout arena. Incorporate each one into a daily routine to stay toned and honed.
  • You’re traveling and stopping at places along the way to camp which probably have ideal locations for exercising. If you’re staying in national parks or resorts with nearby parks or trails, take a hike since walking is an exercise that addresses the entire body.
  • Bring along a bicycle or rent one if you’re in a park. Pedaling gives your leg muscles a solid workout plus you get to enjoy the passing scenery.
  • Place an exercise mat on the floor and do a few floor exercises like stomach crunches. If you have an exercise video, bring it along so you’re not doing your exercises alone. Add variety to your sit-ups and crunches with a few jumping Jacks and windmills.
  • If you’re a Yoga enthusiast, you already know the benefits to the mind and body when doing your routine. For beginners, Yoga is a gentle and relaxing way to start the day inside the RV or outside in the wide open spaces.
  • Be consistent whatever your routine may be.

Give us a call at Jim’s RV and let us get you on the right track to exciting destinations with accessories for your journey to help stay fit.

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Choosing the Right RV for You

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Once the RV travel bug has bitten you, the idea of finding the right RV for your specific travel needs can be stressful. Some RVs are more suitable for families, some are more fuel-efficient and some are built for off-road adventurers. However you like to travel, the perfect motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or pop-up is out there waiting for you — you just need help finding it.

What Is Your Intended Use?

Before you start searching for Class A motorhomes, toy haulers or luxury fifth wheels, you’ll want to consider your plans for your RV lifestyle. Would you like to live in your RV full time? Do you like to take your motorcycle on your travels?

Depending on how many people you travel with, how much time you plan to spend in your RV, the type of campgrounds you intend to visit and how far you plan to drive, the style of RV that is perfect for you could be very different than your neighbor’s.

What Is Your Budget?

As with most big purchases, the RV you choose depends very much on your budget. This is where it becomes tricky to decide between a towable RV or a motorhome. If you decided to purchase a towable RV, you also need to consider the price of the vehicle needed to tow it. Similarly, some motorhomes are more fuel efficient than others, and a diesel engine can cost you more money upfront but save you big bucks on fuel down the road.

Let Us Help You

Here at Jim’s RV Center — your New York RV dealer — we know how to match you and your family with the RV that will suit your needs and exceed your expectations. You can rest assured that we’ll consider all of the best options for you and provide an incredible selection of new and used RVs for sale, so you can find the perfect balance between your budget and the lifestyle you desire.

Our staff has been awarded the “Customer Service Satisfaction” award 11 times by Fleetwood, and with over 170 years of combined sales experience, our goal is to get you off our lot and into your dream RV lifestyle today.

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Getting Your RV Ready for Spring

Leaving Fairbanks

Spring is just a few weeks away so it’s time to break out the checklist of things to do to get the RV ready for travel time. No matter if you had everything prepped before parking it for the winter, there are things you can do to spruce it up before hitting the road.

At Jim’s RV Center, we’re ready to take on any spring preparations you have in mind from service and parts to an array of RV accessories for that next trip.

Exterior Cleaning

Grime can build up on the exterior of the RV whether it’s covered with a tarp or sitting inside a garage, and dirt has a way of creeping into cracks and crevices, no matter what you do. There’s also the issue with pesky green mold and mildew that likes to make its home on rolled up patio covers, awnings, and outdoor furniture.

Start with a sponge and a clean bucket of water combined with vinegar to wipe down affected areas including outdoor tables, chairs and barbecue grills. Use cleansers for wheels and windows, and a washing agent formulated for RVs to clean the exterior body.


The interior needs its own freshening up process so everything is squeaky clean and smelling like roses. To do a thorough spring cleaning regimen, include some extra steps along with the basics of vacuuming, window washing, wiping walls, washing or dusting window curtains or window shades, and polishing furniture.

Wipe down the kitchen and bathroom countertops and cabinets with a disinfectant or use a mixture of fresh lemon juice and water. Replace or add new paper lining on kitchen cabinet shelves, and give the oven, refrigerator, and microwave a good once over with a sponge and cleanser. Air out the bedroom mattresses and consider spraying these along with sofa and chair cushions with a formula that eliminates odors and allergens.

Decorative Updates

Spring into act with a few upgrades to change the theme of each room with a new style such as incorporating a French Country or Art Deco décor or a Southwest or English cottage motif.

Add new accessories such as lamps, dinnerware, throw rugs, and wall decor and add new linens to the bathroom and bedroom.

Stop by and visit us during open house through March 2 and let our team at Jim’s RV show you around.

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Jim’s RV Guide to Geocaching Along Your Next Road Trip

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Photo by cachemania (Flickr Creative Commons)

Have you heard of geocaching, but are not quite sure how to get started? Geocaching is the perfect hobby for RV families that will get you all out exploring, learning and having tons of fun. Even better, our beautiful state of New York offers geocaching sites in every region, so you can get started on your next camping trip.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is the ultimate outdoor treasure hunt using GPS devices. You and your family will travel to each destination using a distinct set of GPS coordinates to find the geocache container at each location.

What do you need?

To start geocaching in New York, all you need is a GPS device or even a mobile phone with GPS capabilities (such as your smartphone).

Where can you geocache?

Geocache locations are now located all around the world. Geocachers (including you and your family) can hide caches in your favorite locations or even unique places that you find along your hunts. Geocache containers can be just about anywhere, and the levels of difficulty when finding them can range greatly.

Geocaching Apps

You can’t go wrong with any of these awesome geocaching apps for iPhones, Androids and all smartphones.

  • Geocaching with Geosphere – For experienced geocachers — this app for just $7.99 will help you import GPX and LOC files as well as organize your caches, so you can find the ones you want and avoid others. The compass is certainly helpful and the tutorials, satellite images and advice are added bonuses you’ll love.
  • Geocaching Toolkit iGCT – You’ll love this 100 percent free app for making difficult calculations that seem to be synonymous with the geocaching hobby. The Geocaching Toolkit can help you decrypt hidden texts and convert coordinates, minutes, degrees and tons of other calculations.

Jim’s RV Center

At Jim’s RV Center — your local New York RV dealer — we love geocaching and everything about the RV lifestyle too. Come see us for everything from new and used RV sales, to RV service, parts, accessories and even getting starting with your new geocaching hobby.

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Living Full-Time in an RV is Easier than it Seems

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Photo by RVWithTito (Flickr Creative Commons)

Many campers buy RVs to save accommodation costs on weekend excursions and family vacations. After a few trips, a number of those buyers end up wanting to live full-time in their motorhome. Why? Because life on the road is exciting, adventurous and surprisingly comfortable.

Moving from a part-time RV enthusiast to living in your RV full time is easier than it seems, and it’s likely you’ll be happier with your life on the road than you were in your brick and mortar home.

Plan and Organize

Small preparations like making arrangements for mail pickup and changing your billing and banking to online options are necessary. Someone picking up your mail from a P.O. Box or street address every so often can save you from late fees on other types of bills (medical, taxes, etc.) You can often pay these bills online, but you may not receive notification that they are due.

In an increasingly online society, paying and receiving money are easy to do with an internet connection. Just make sure you have all of your accounts, passwords and preparations made before you hit the road.

Keep a Budget

Your expenses living an RV will be quite a bit different than those in your previous home, so keep a budget (at least in your first few years on the road) to get a better idea of how much you’re actually spending.

If you find out you’re overspending in some areas, such as costly camp sites, you’ll know to adjust your search and find cheaper accommodation.

Do It Now

What’s the biggest regret among travelers who took the plunge into full-time life on the road? That they didn’t do it sooner. You don’t have to be rich to be a full-time traveler, you just have to be wise about your budget when purchasing a vehicle and planning your travels. What are you waiting for?

Jim’s RV Center

The best way to get in an RV within your budget is at your local New York RV dealer — Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, N.Y. Come see our incredible inventory of affordable new and used RVs and don’t forget about us for all of your other RV parts and service needs too.