The 2007 Jayco Designer 38RDQS: A Luxury Home on Wheels

A good, used fifth wheel from Jim’s RV can be just as good as any all-in-one recreational vehicle. We think of the RV lifestyle and we think, “well, clearly you need an RV,” but fifth wheels are often able to provide more space than you’ll get in even a luxury RV.

Take the 2007 Jayco Designer series, for instance. The 38RDQS features four sleep stations including a hide-a-bed, two roof air conditioners, a microwave, and actual ceiling fans. How often do you see a ceiling fan in an RV? You barely even see them in full size trailer homes, let alone RVs and fifth wheels. Most New York apartments don’t even have room for a ceiling fan. The twenty seven inch television will help to keep you entertained on those long rest stops, and at $35,900, you could spend a lot more on such a luxurious fifth wheel.

The tan interior and white exterior help to create a relaxed atmosphere, especially in the summer when the sun will be beating down on the walls of the fifth wheel as you’re trying to take a nap. The color really does help to keep the interior cool.

Jayco are known for their quality fifth wheels, and the designer series are no exception. Far from sacrificing a quality build for the appearance of class, the Jayco designer series offers both, with the 38RDQS being both durable and luxurious, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

If you’re looking for a great fifth wheel to take out on the road next summer, or if you’re looking to trade in a smaller motorhome, this home on wheels may be just the thing to offer luxury, comfort, and plenty of elbow room as you journey down the American highways from coast to coast. Come check it out today at Jim’s RV!


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