Top 5 Gifts for RV Enthusiasts

Here’s our list of our top five gifts for the season for the RV friend in your life:

1. Mobile Mansions: Taking Home Sweet Home on the Road by Douglas Keister. This book is perfect for the beginner RVer to the full-time RVer.  Keister documents an amazing range of ‘mobile mansions’ from the 1920s to the modern times. With more than 200 color photographs on 160 pages it is a must have!

2. RV Bird Feeder – some folks may like to stay at a campground long enough to hang a bird feeder. And you can get a bird feeder that is actually an RV!

3. Satellite Radio – not sure if you’re fellow RVer has a satellite radio or not, then opt for a gift certificate. They’ll appreciate the commercial free radio and especially when regular radio frequency wouldn’t come through.

4. 12 Volt Crock Pot Slow Cooker – Have a prepared meal, ready-to-go, wherever you are! Mix together your favorite slow cooker dinner, and place in the 12-Volt Crock Pot Slow Cooker. Then plug it directly into your cigarette lighter and head out!

5. An Infrared thermometer – These portable battery powered thermometers are capable of Check  the temperature of items like tires, wheel bearings, air conditioning output and more with a portable battery powered thermometer by merely aiming it at the target and squeezing a trigger.  Instantly the targeted item is read and displayed via L.E.D. (light emitting diode).

What are your top gifts for your RV or travel trailing friends?


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