Visit Saratoga Spa State Park This Spring

Saratoga Spa State Park

Not every trip in your RV has to be an ambitious cross-country affair. There’s a little known park right here in New York that’s a real hidden gem. It’s the kind of place that’s great for a weekend road trip. You can even work it into your larger spring break plans.

Saratoga Spa State Park, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, is beautiful this time of year and has plenty of things to do for a fun weekend trip. Sprawling over 2000 acres of woods, hills, and waterways, it’s also got stuff that you wouldn’t expect from a state park in New York. There’s the outdoor performing arts center, swimming pools, golf courses, and even a museum. But what really sets Saratoga Spa apart is the unique distinction that it possesses the only active spouter geysers east of the Mississippi River.

The Saratoga Geyser (also known as the Geyser Island Spouter by some) appeared in the early 1900s when it breached the surface of what’s now the park. It’s been constantly evolving since then. The geyser has grown an island about itself made of mineral deposits. There are older photos of the geyser that you can compare to today in which you’ll notice that the mineral deposit island has become much larger over the past century. The geyser is also notable in that its water is quite cold compared to hot geysers you’ll see elsewhere in the country.

Besides the geyser and amenities, visitors can also enjoy an extensive hiking trail system, interpretive nature tours, and swimming in designated spots.

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