What It Means to be a Route 66 RV Dealer

When you’re shopping for a new RV, it pays to choose your dealer wisely. Jim’s RV Center in Nichols, N.Y., is a Route 66 RV dealer, which means we’re among the largest network of independent RV dealers on the continent. It also means you enjoy more deals and benefits when you purchase with us.

What Is the Route 66 RV Network?

The goal of the Route 66 RV Network is to allow buyers the comfortable experience of buying from a locally-owned business with the benefits of purchasing from a big box store. The group of more than 150 family and locally-owned RV businesses serves to provide buyers with the best RV ownership experience possible. The network is aligned with KOA Kampgrounds, more than 1,200 service bays and 2,000 RVDA certified technicians across North America, so you have access to everything you need, wherever you’re traveling.

Why Shop at a Route 66 Dealer?

When you buy your RV at a Route 66 dealership, you gain access to all of the technicians, service bays, customer care promises, customer service representatives, roadside technicians and protection plans the Route 66 Network provides. Even better, you get the opportunity to support a local business and help your community with your purchase.

Shop at Jim’s RV Center

When you shop at Jim’s RV Center, you’re not just helping Jim’s and the community of Nichols, N.Y., you’re giving yourself peace of mind for all of your travels. Additionally, you save big bucks when it comes to purchasing your RV and living the RV lifestyle.

When you shop at Jim’s, you enjoy 10-percent off all parts and accessories at any Route 66 RV Network parts store across the continent. We’ll also help you secure comfortable accommodations and transportation if you need service performed while you’re on the road. The list of benefits of shopping at a Route 66 RV Network dealer are endless, so stop in and see us to find out how you can start living the ultimate RV lifestyle today.


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