Why RVing Can Be the Most Romantic Way to Travel

RVing can be romantic

If you want to escape with your significant other, forget the car and ditch the airplane. RVing can be the most romantic way to travel and it’s easy to see why. With the amenities of home, the freedom of the open road, and your S.O. by your side, romance can only blossom when you travel in a motorhome or travel trailer.

You’re Closer to Nature

Romantic, in the most literal (read, literary) sense, means a focus on emotions, individualism, and a glorification of nature. However, you don’t have to read Emerson or Thoreau to appreciate the romance that’s inherent to nature. There’s something about being out in nature that kindles romance like nothing else. The stunning vistas you’ll encounter in your RV travels, from the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean to the sprawling majesty of the Grand Canyon to the autumnal glory of the Appalachian Mountains, are the perfect settings for romance and an RV allows you to get closer to nature wherever you roam.

Life on the Road is Intimate

RVs can be surprisingly large, but even the largest RVs aren’t going to allow you too much personal space if you’re traveling as a couple. Which means that if you want to get closer to someone, RVing can be the way to go. Your RV will be where you travel, where you cook, where you sleep, and where you spend a rainy evening. RVs create an intimate environment unlike many others. If you want to get away from it all with your significant other and disconnect from the rest of the world, RVing is the way to go.

You’re Sharing the Adventure of a Lifetime

Most importantly, RVing with someone means that you’re sharing the ultimate road trip with them. It’s the adventure of a lifetime to set out in an RV and cross the country together. You’ll always have that experience in common and the places you go, things you see, and activities you do will always be treasured memories that only the two of you share, come what may.

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